Watch out for brain freeze

As well as it being a good day, it is also Free Slurpee day! Every year on July 11th, or 7/11, the 7-11 conevient store chain gives away free Slurpees. Granted they give away the smallest size they have, but free is free right?

With a little bit of planning, some free time, and a car full of gas, you could attempt to hit several 7-11s and end up with a real sized Slurpee.

This is a fairly clever marketing ploy. You get the people in the store, and honestly who hasn’t gone in for one thing and ended up buying beef jerkey, some candy cigarettes, or a Nin Trucker Magazine? They give away an item less than a dolla, but you end up spending at least five. Brilliant!

Not that I’m a 7-11 shill, but seeing as it’s going to be more than 90 goddamn degrees today, I encourage you to take advantage and enjoy a frozen beverage courtesy of 7-11.