Sunday, Monday, Happy Days 

Most of my afternoon is spent with very little interaction with other people. Since my afternoon tasks involving nothing more than basic motor skills, my mind has time to wander, and a-wandering it goes. For some reason my mind always seeks out my internal jukebox and puts one or two songs on repeat. It picks some of the most random songs too – never anything I’ve recently listened to either, just pieces of songs that exist in my brain in that void between hockey stats and movie quotes. What follows is a list of the top songs that get stuck in my head at work.

“Koka Kola” by the Clash

I know that The Clash is a band I listen to often and doesn’t fit in as all that random, but on days when I have to use the elevator frequently, this song pops in. The song starts like this: “Elevator going up. In a gleaming corridor/ on the 51st floor.” That’s the only part I can ever play in my head. Could be worse… at least it’s The Clash.

“Spiderwebs” by No Doubt

There was a time when No Doubt made music that was tolerable… relatively speaking. That had that light ska/punk sound, so I used to listen to them. Due to this I know the chorus to “Spiderwebs” which is catchy as hell. I usually think of this song when I walk by somebody’s empty office and their phone rings. Then I like to imagine someone working in a professional office having that song play as his or her voicemail’s outgoing message. Especially if it was a dude.

“Danger” by Mystikal

There was a week when the elevator was being worked on during this time that had a sign in front of that had the word “Danger” on it. Which sparked the masterpiece from hip-hop (superstar? Don’t want to call him a superstar because that’s giving him more credit than he’s due. What do you call someone who is not superstar? Mediocre-star?) Mystikal. Granted all I know from it is that raspy voice of his sing talking the word “danger” twice. Rap music is pretty stupid most of the time.

“Pool Party” and “Theme Song” by the Aquabats

The Aquabats are a wacky wacky band with upbeat tempos and very sing-a-long lyrics. It’s easy for me to often have an Aquabats song fill my head. I spent most of last week with these two floating around thanks to an evite to a pool party. But don’t worry I got the sender of the evite back by getting the song “Pool Party,” in his head with their oh-so-charming music video for the song played on Nick Jr.

As you may have noticed all the songs thus far have had some outside influence, but that ends here.

Forever Young” by Journey

I believe this is a testament to my retail days. This was one of the songs that I heard several times a week while working at Kohl’s and now and then I just start singing it again. This hasn’t happened with any other song that annoyed my ears during those eight long years. I’m glad that’s what I’ve taken away from my time there. Fucking Journey!

“Leaving, On a Jet Plane” and “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver

For some inexplicable reason I am a huge John Denver fan. I own two of his albums on vinyl; I ran the category devoted to him on Jeopardy. Don’t tell Farva how much I like him or he might try to burn my country music award. But why only these two songs fill my head I don’t understand. “Country Roads” gets in there more often than “Jet Plane.”

I find this peculiar because I have no connection to West Virginia, Blue Ridge Mountains, or the Shenandoah River. Still better than Journey though.

“Working for the Weekend” by Loverboy

This song only rattles around in my brain on Fridays, since I do indeed work for the weekend.

These are only the songs that I have been singing for the past couple of weeks. As time goes on, I’m sure they’ll change, and when they do, rest assured I’ll share my annoyance with you all. I hope I haven’t gotten any of these songs stuck in your head… Screw that, yes I do. I’m sort of a jerk like that.

These are grown men

See ya in the pit . . .