The recent Democratic and Republican conventions as well as the impending election have me reflecting upon this current administration. I’ll admit, there are scant few things that I will miss about the Bush administration, but White House Press Secretary Dana Perino’s regular press briefings aired on CNBC at completely random times in the middle of the day is probably at the top of my list.

I first started watching these briefings as they had the odd coincidence of being aired as I lay in bed watching TV unwinding after working the midnight shift. One of the unpleasant little idiosyncrasies of working the midnight shift that someone who has never been subjected to such cruelty probably wouldn’t realize, is that upon returning home from work, the rising sun means it’s time for the body’s natural clock to signal that it’s time to wake up – no matter how exhausted you are.

This is especially maddening if you have just spent the last 8 hours in the dark fighting a losing battle against yourself trying to stay awake. Such is life. My solution to this problem was twofold. First, make my room as dark as possible. Second, the cable network that made the quorum call famous: CNBC.  It wasn’t long after watching CNBC on a regular basis before I started to wonder just who the perky blond deftly answering all the hard hitting political questions was, seemingly thrown at her at the random from a small peanut gallery full of reporters who seem intent on ignoring the information from the briefing and asking the most random assortment of questions possible, as quickly as possible.

A cursory glance online at the infallible resource we all call Wikipedia reveals that the perky blonde in question is White House press secretary Ms. Dana Perino, who recently replaced the much less attractive Press Secretary Tony Snow after he resigned due to health issues. Wikipedia also informed me that Ms. Perino grew up in Colorado, and is more or less an alumnus of my very own Colorado State University.

Is it possible to become a fan of a White House staffer? Does doing so make me a total nerd? Either way, watching Dana Perino look that crazy Indian (dot, not feather) reporter directly in the eye after he asks some off the wall conspiracy theory question in quasi-English and unapologetically stating “I have no idea” as if it would be asinine, even for the person arguably tasked with knowing more about the political goings on in our nation’s capitol than anyone else, to have the first clue what the answer might be to such a stupid question, is one of the simple pleasures in life.