Quit playin’ with your dingy

Well, it’s October, and I couldn’t be happier. October is by far my favorite month of the year. A lot of people choose their birth month as their favorite. Mine’s in February when it’s ass cold outside, so that’s lame. Some people will choose a summer month. A lot of people take their vacation during that time and crowd every place up, and I’m not one for crowds. Others, usually children, choose December because they get time off from school and that Christmas thing happens then. I’ve spent the past eight years seeing the ugly side of Christmas and have come to dread December. For me, October has all those months trumped and here’s why.

Most importantly major league baseball is in its postseason. Although now that the Cubs are out, I’m pulling for Tampa Bay solely because I hate every other team involved. This has tempered my interest a little. But it’s baseball so I’ll keep watching.

If baseball is not your cup of tea, though judging by many comments on this site that’s not many of you, there’s football, which is in full swing. Every weekend there are a number of games for your entertainment. I have stated that I am not a big fan of football, but I do keep up on the Broncos and the CSU Rams. The Rams really let UNLV have it this weekend. So occasionally I do enjoy the distraction football gives me.

Now the real highlight of sports is that October marks the start of the hockey season. You can believe that this Thursday my television will be locked on Versus (goddammit!) as the Avs take on the Bruins and try to shoot the puck up their stupid Boston poopers. My Stanley Cup prediction: Avalanche in 7 games over Canadiens.

October isn’t all about sports to me. There’s also the awesomeness that goes on outside. The temperature is perfect. It’s not ball-stickingly hot like the summer, nor is it witch tit cold like the winter. It is lovely weather that is ideal to get out and look at the trees and how fantastic all the new leaf colors look. I think these are the happy little trees Bob Ross was always talking about.

Now my favorite October event happens at the end of the month. That’s right, Halloween! Nothing like dressing up and being someone else for an evening while all the girls dress like they just stepped out of somebody’s fantasy.

Often holidays that I enjoyed as a child have lost whatever it was that made them special as a child. That hasn’t happened with Halloween. The appeal of costumes hasn’t worn off, though the free candy is gone, and has been replaced with booze. Can’t go wrong when you replace things with booze.

Because of this love of Halloween you can expect several more Halloween themed articles before the month is through.

Well, there you have why I love October. I’m now going to enjoy these next 31 days before I have to wait 11 months and wade through crap like May. What the hell has May ever done for me? You know, aside from that whole “gave birth to my dad thus eventually allowing me to exist thing.” Psh, May.

Also a nice place to sleep, ask Limon

See ya in the leaf pile…