That’s where I left my bike

We don’t always appreciate the place we live, or the place we grew up. Sometimes the snow turns a 15 minute drive into an hour long trip and wish for the warm Januarys of Florida. But then you reach your destination and gaze at the pine trees frosted like a delicious sugary cereal, and you realize that Florida doesn’t have that. They only have old people.

Sometimes the snow isn’t falling and the weather isn’t nice, and it just looks blah then you receive a phone call from a friend (Dagger) in that stage of drunk where he appreciates everything a little too much, where he loves you, but not in a gay way. Then he begins to wax poetic about living in Colorado. You spend the rest of the weekend thinking about what he said and come to the conclusion that even in a drunken state he’s right, dammit.

As I sat in my own drunken state, trying to finish some homework, I listened to Dagger tell me how drunk he was and how he was spending the moment looking out over the city of Denver. He told me that he loves it here. He then posed to me the question, “Do you think I love it here just because I grew up here and it’s all I know? Except for that year I spent in butt-fucking Houston, but that’s like comparing a Double Decker Taco from Taco Bell to a cow pie. What was I saying?”

I kept thinking about that question, the first one, and I’ve got to say maybe. While Colorado is rad (it’s in the name for Pete’s sake) with the beautiful scenery and the wonderful season, and none of that damn humidity, I think the main thing that will make anyone love a place is the experiences someone, um, experience there.

Personally, Colorado is the place I had my first kiss, saw my first punk rock show, had my first shot: all monumental moments in my life (how awesome would it have been if those were all in the same night?). For those reasons Colorado will always be the place I love the most.

Ah winter, fuck

I’ve had fun in Arizona, Vegas, California, Washington, Minnesota, and even Italy, but every time I go I look forward to coming back to my home. Because the one thing Colorado has that those places don’t are my friends, well most of them.

That was another aspect Dagger went on about. He told me he loved it here because his fiancé is here and his friends, again most of them. I believe that is the main reason people love living somewhere. Arizona is not a bad place, but Limon hates it there and mainly because is friends are here in Colorado.

Now I can’t answer for Dagger, but I love Colorado because that’s where I met all my friends, all the people who made me who I am, all the people who are important to me. The Bouncing Souls said, “The time we spent hangin’ out is how we learned what life was about.” Well, I spent that time hangin’ out in Colorado.

Home sweet home

There’s no other place that I’d rather be than right here, right now.

See ya in CO…