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It has been almost a year and you know about things we love, like Troy Tulowitzki and cereal. You know about things we hate, monkeys and faux hawks. You have also learned of some of the odd DVDs in our collections and that Limon does in fact drive a Mini. But there are a few things you may not know about us. So in an attempt to keep up with Facebook.com (check our Cru Jones Society group there) and other such sites, we will spend the next three post informing you of 25 Things You May Know About the CJS Staff. First off we give you 25 Things You May Not Know About Lee S. Hart*.

-The “S” in Lee S. Hart stands for swashbuckle or sledgehammer, depending on who you talk to.

-Hart is an avid collector of stamps. He currently has over a dozen in his collection, including five Liberty Bells.

-Once a year, on September 18th, Hart takes the day off from whatever he is doing, turns off his phone, puts on lederhosen, and watches Heidi.

-Hart once spent an entire shift at Kohl’s skipping.

-Hart played drums for the Toaster’s ’97 mid west tour.

Um, no, the Ska band known as the Toasters

-Hart was born a poor black child.

-Hart likes to steal beer glasses when he’s been drinking.

-Hart once won a contest and got to compete in a competition on the ice during the first period of an Avalanche game. He had to shoot a puck from one face off circle diagonally into the other face off circle. He failed miserably.

-Hart lost a testicle in a high stakes game of Mah Jong.

-Hart is really good at flip cup, having won nearly half of the games he has played.

-Lee S. Hart is an anagram for Tarheels which came about during a hungover exchange in which Dagger commented on Hart’s shorts being North Carolina blue.


-Hart is generally bad at anagrams.

-Hart got a t-shirt auto graphed by local meteorologist Mike Nelson. He has that shirt framed.

-Hart sometimes walks like an Egyptian and sometimes like the WWF tag team The Bushwhackers.

-Hart cried during the series finale of Boy Meets World.

-The name badge Hart wore for Kohl’s had 26 pieces of flare. More than the required amount, but not close to the gold standard.

-Hart’s favorite host of Family Feud is Richard Karn.

 I absolutely think so, Tim

-Hart doesn’t care what anyone says, he likes bolo ties.

-Hart aspires to either be this guy, or this guy.

-Hart doesn’t exfoliate enough.

-If Hart were a chemist, he would be sodium sexy.

-Hart like puns a little too much.

-Hart wishes he had more Cosby sweaters, and pudding pops, and New Coke, and Kodak film.

-Hart is an expert at loitering.

-Hart dances his cares away, leaves worries for another day, and let’s the music play.

*Some of these items may not be true.

 There may have been an item or two that a few of you may have known, but Hart hopes that overall everybody learned a little more about him. Check in tomorrow to learn more about Senor Limon, and on Thursday to hear Dagger’s secrets. One of them may have the answer to the whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa, or the secret to a really good quesadilla.

No relation


See ya down at Fraggle Rock…