Yeah, kinda like that.

Today we’ll be exploring some little known, and some possibly made up facts about Sr. Limon. Up tomorrow, 25 things you may not know about E Dagger. So, without further ado, or adieu. Here’s the list.

  • Recently at a lecture, Limon heard the teacher say the phrase “if the bolt is not fully extended, you can’t get it into the receiver” Despite his best efforts, he was unable to prevent himself from snickering a little.
  • Limon’s favorite host of the Family Feud is John O’Hurley, he is also a fan of Mr. O’Hurley as the host of To Tell the Truth.


  • Limon can’t see the color red.
  • Once, about a year and a half ago Limon thought he saw a Chupacabra.
  • Last year after a lengthy congressional inquiry, Limon was forced to admit that between the years of 2001 and 2004, he took performance enhancing steroids.
  • Limon is Spanish for Lemon, but it is also Spanish for Lime. This is usually clarified in Spanish by refering to a Lime as a Limon Verde. Limon is named after the Limon Verde.
  • Hart’s forte may be Loitering, but Senor Limon’s misdemeanor of choice is Disturbing the Peace.
  • Limon lives in a town where the government owns a giant white blimp that looks down upon the landscape with a giant unblinking electronic eye that surveys everything below it.
  • In a moment of weakness, Limon purchased a lifetime supply of ShamWOWs. He now sleeps under a large multicolored pile of them. When he wakes up, his body is entirely devoid of moisture.
  • Limon is a firm believer that the optimal number of consecutive episodes of Scrubs reruns to watch is 3.
  • Limon is an extremely poor swimmer.
  • Limon once spent an entire summer in the Amazonian rain forest cataloging rare endangered species.  You know… for science.


  • Limon has never ridden a motorcycle while sober. He has wrecked two while drunk.
  • Limon can’t stand McDonald’s. Wendy’s and Burger King are both Acceptable.
  • While an avid consumer of both Beer and Liquor, Limon abhors all mixed drinks save for Margaritas.
  • Running short of ideas at item 16 on his list, Limon turned on the TV looking for inspiration. He became distracted by an episode of Married With Children.
  • Every time Limon calls in teammates or friends for a huddle, he always insists that everyone put a hand in the center and call out “Whoooa Bundy!” at the end of the huddle once a decision has been reached.


  • As a child, Limon had three pet Racoons and a Pet Skunk all four would follow him around outside at the local park without the aid of a leash.
  • Limon has always wanted to travel to Ireland.
  • Limon has maintained for the last decade that TekWar, a book by William Shatner is easily the worst book he has ever read.
  • Sr. Limon has met three of the five living United States Presidents.
  • Limon can fit an entire box of powdered sugar donettes in his mouth.
  • Briefly a proponent, Limon is now completely over the whole “Busy T-Shirt” craze.

Its out of control.

  • Limon hates convertibles.
  • It is Limon’s humble opinion that the Super Nintendo is the greatest game console of all time, and that The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is the greatest console game of all time.

*Some of these items may or may not be true.