That’s a nice sun set

The beers were tasty, the sun was pleasant, and the company was stupendous. But with the good also comes the bad. So here are a few of my Cheers and Jeers from Tucson. I equaled them out, but don’t let that fool you there were way more cheers, mostly while sitting around drinking (see what I did there?).

Jeer: Drunken Baseball Fans

It’s a lovely Saturday afternoon. We sat at the ballpark watching baseball. The beer was cold and the Skittles tasted like a rainbow. Unfortunately it was the 8th inning, the Rockies were down by 6 runs, and the people two runs behind us were full of beer and anger. They took out their frustration by yelling at the umpire about every call he made. I am not kidding when I say every call. Every ball, every strike, I’m pretty sure at one point he called time per the catcher and they were pissed at that. None of their yells were clever or funny to boot. These ass wagons give Rockies fans a bad name. Even the Mariners fan in front of us had more class.

Cheer: The Two Baseball Fans in Front of Us

This couple fully agreed with us on the drunkies. They also found us amusing in a laugh with us kind of way. We periodically chatted with them throughout the game and they were very pleasant. I wish there had been more fans like them around us.

I can’t say for sure, but I think Limon also made friends with the elderly couple he was stuck next to. From what I partially overheard they went to the college World Series, you’ll have to ask Limon about that.

Jeer: Gentle Ben’s Brew Pub

Located a block from the University of Arizona, and hosting a great roof top patio, I thought this would be a great bar to hang out at as the afternoon faded into the evening. I was wrong. Limon and I ordered margaritas and they tasted worse than those margaritas that come from that giant tub where all you add is the tequila. After we powered through those we decided to try their beer. Since they were out of the amber I wanted I tried the blonde and was not impressed. We also tried a plate of nachos. Half the chips were burnt, and the toppings were minimal. Overall we were very disappointed by this bar.

I think it’s a British Pub

Cheer: Frog and Firkin Pup

The Frog and Firkin is a bar located across the street from Gentle Ben’s. It was a relief to awfulness that we had just experienced. The Frog and Firkin’s patio was on the ground level and we were able to find a table under the heat lamp which was nice as the cool evening was setting in. Our waitress was a pretty little thing and very friendly. We probably over tipped her. Having just been burned by Ben’s, and possibly because they had their St. Patty’s theme going, se stuck to the old stand bys of Guinness and Smithwicks. For those wondering, a firkin is an old English volume of measurement. It is equal to a fourth of a barrel, and frog is a term for the tap. So this bar had good beer, cute waitress, and I learned something. I also stole a glass from them.

Jeer: Weird Chest Pains

The second night in Tucson we met up with friends of Lady E at a place that I think came straight from MTV’s The Hills. After a long day of drinking, and maybe something to do with my UC, I started having awful heart burn, the hiccups, and some unfamiliar chest uncomfortable-ness. I ended up back at the condo groaning in agony until I eventually threw up then passed out. Meanwhile everyone else went out to the bars and had fun. This doubly sucked the next day when everyone was way more hungover than I was and didn’t want to drink the way I wanted to.

Cheer: Curves Cabaret

The only positive counter I can think of to oppose the chest pains is the strip club. Limon and I went to Curves Cabaret at 3 in the afternoon when there was no cover and a 2 for 1 drink special. This club had some of the better girls I’ve seen at a strip joint. We chatted to one who used to work here in Denver at Shotgun Willy’s, small world, eh? The highlight was Limon telling one stripper her bikini reminded him of a Trapper Keeper.

Those were a few of my highs and lows from our annual CJS Rendezvous in Tucson. Overall I had an awesome time! Be sure to check out next week as we talk about the drinking products we tested and passed off as work. What a great job.

I have a thing for sun sets, ok!

See ya at the saguaro…