“Hart loves dude! Ha Ha!” Har Har Har. I Never grow tired of your gay jokes

I was a little bitter and angry yesterday, so I’ve decided to go in a different direction today. Some may call that bi-polar. I call it the ability to experience different feelings. I’ve been a real punk rock mood lately, could be due to the impending Pennywise show, or it could be due to the fact that punk rock is fantastic and makes me happy. Either way works for me. So in light of this punk feeling I wanted to dedicate a post to the punk rocker that keeps punk rock the one love I know won’t break my heart: Tim “Lint” Armstrong.

The music of Tim Armstrong is optimistic. Not so much in that generic kind of Partridge Family come get happy bullshit. More in the abstract kind of way. The songs he writes are very personal with tales of alcoholism, neglect, and just trying to survive this thing called life. He was able to take these hardships and convert them into something he loved. Something we try to do here from time to time.

I will admit that Green Day and The Offspring were the bands that got me into punk rock, but Tim Armstrong and Rancid were the ones that kept me in punk rock. When I heard that raspy voice mumble through Ruby Soho and saw a mohawked punker for the first time I knew that this was the musician for me.

Why are they called “liberty spikes?”

With each passing year I appreciate the lyrics that Tim has written and sang more and more. Currently my mind is wrapped around a line from Radio, “When the music hits, I feel no pain at all.” A song I have been listening to for more than a decade still reverberates and affects me. To me that is talented song writing. I compare it to what I’m sure many people feel about the songs of Paul McCartney.

Tim helped me to understand that the two most important things in life are friends and music. There’s always one of them around to help me through the tough times. In my loneliest of times I can always turn to Tim to cheer me up. I know that he will journey to the end, to the end, to the end; he will journey to the end.

Thanks Tim.


He’s also the inspiration behind my sign off phrase.

See ya in the pit…