Drink enough and you can see this sunset

Although summer doesn’t officially begin for another 20 days, the weather has been summer-esq around the CJS headquarters. We have been enjoying the lovely afternoons and evenings by sitting out on the porch drinking. While we do enjoy “The Official Drink of Summer,” the Gin Rickey, we also have other favorite summertime drinks. Since we are border line alcoholics, we wanted to know more summer fun drinks and so we asked you to tell us your favorite summer libations. Let’s check out ours, and then we’ll get to yours.

E Dagger: Even though I plan to follow up the Kentucky Derby with many more gin rickeys this summer, it’s definitely not what I’m looking forward to drinking most. That distinction used to belong to New Belgium summer beer Loft. After a truly awesome summer of drinking Loft on beautiful Fort Collins patios, I eagerly anticipated the next and repeating a cycle. Instead, New Belgium kicked me in the nuts and replaced their wonderful brew with what tasted approximately like a 12 oz bottle filled with the tears of orphans. I realize a lot of people love the taste of Skinny Dip, but compared to Loft, Skinny Dip is Satan’s ballsweat.

So, I’ve moved East in pursuit of summer refreshment, and found the ideal: Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy. At the 2006 Great American Beerfest, Lady E and I were directed to a brewery called McCoy’s that had a shandy, a beer type we’d never heard of. Apparently it’s beer mixed with lemonade and while the combination sounds like some awful thing Bobby Flay would think up, it’s actually more like the deliciously unholy union of chocolate and peanut butter.

Unfortunately McCoy’s is nowhere to be found in these parts, so when one of our favorite breweries – Leinenkugel’s – put some delicious shandy on the shelves, you can imagine how excited Lady E and I were. Now, we eagerly anticipate the disappearance of the inferior spring beers in favor of the vastly superior summer ones. And the Summer Shandy reigns king over all of them. The day you buy your first six pack of Summer Shandy is the first day summer is in full swing. So keep your eyes peeled because summer’s always over before you know it.

Lee S. Hart: As far as summer beers, I enjoy mine from south of the border. Usually Pacifico or Sol. Sol isn’t exactly the best beer, nor is it the worst. But it always beckons me to drink it during the summer. Maybe the fact it’s named for the Spanish word for sun is what entices me about Sol. Maybe it’s the clear bottle. For whatever reason, seeing the crisp golden beer through the clear bottle says to me, “this beer must be consumed in the summer time.” I can’t explain it, but the clear bottle affects me like that.

My favorite summer liquor drink was designed out of a desire to try something new. After the bank Keithage worked for foreclosed on a liquor store, he ended up with more booze than God. Being the considerate friend he is, he shared the wealth . At the time Dagger and I were living together and we had a nice collection from what has been dubbed “the heist.” One bored night we looked at the booze and decided we needed to put Dagger’s bar tending degree to use. We combined lemonade with lemon vodka, that was ok, but it was missing something. Examining the collection we had only one option, Apple Pucker’s Caribbean cousin, Island Blue Pucker. This floater made the drink a tasty and potent potable. All the refreshing aspects of lemonade with all the awesomeness of booze; perfect summer combination. I don’t have a name for this, but I’m thinking CJS Lemonade.

Lemonade goes with everything!

Keithage keeps things simple, real simple.

Keithage: My preference of libations doesn’t really change from season to season with the possible exception of that Czech liqueur that tastes like X-mas.  It’s always a cold beer.  BC (basement cool) in the summer because the garage gets to warm.

Hart and Dagger’s choices involve combining different types of beverages, but we are not alone. The rest of this week’s submissions continue this idea as they consist of combined drinks.

Deuce: When in Mexico for vacation three of the last five summers Mrs. Deuce and I discovered a drink that really hits the spot. It’s called a Miami Vice. It is half pina colada and half strawberry daiquiri. It sounds kind of fruity, but when you’re in the pool on a hot day and you swim over to the bar, you want something the equivalent to an alcoholic Slurpee and this is it. It’s not overpowering with coconut like a regular pina colada and it’s not to sugary like a regular daiquiri. It is a great blend of both. Also it is good when it is 10 at night and you’re going to watch the show and it’s hot and sweaty outside.  However, if you’re just going to play foosball with locals in the sports bar for, oh I don’t know, 7 hours, rum and cokes are great too.

Gutter: My summer drink was introduced to me a few years ago from some friends that were at a Jimmy Buffet concert. The drink is called a Loaded Corona. It is a simple drink to put together all you need is a Corona and lime flavored tequila. All you do is open your Corona, take a quick swig to make some room and then poor about a shots worth of the lime tequila straight into the bottle. You now have a high alcohol flavored drink that tastes great in the warm sun. It is easy to get drunk off these because all you are thinking is all I had was 4 beers, that is not too much… well you also have had 4 shots as well so they do have a tendency of sneaking up on you. Hope some of you guys give this drink a try it is a great summer drink. I am off to fix me up a Loaded Corona!

This bird is awesome!

We’re not fans of Corona, or Jimmy Buffet, but we’ll give all these drinks a try. We have several months of gorgeous drinking weather, so why not?

Now we’re going to switch gears slightly, and start a new running theme here in the Confessional. The Cru Jones Society wants to know what your guilty pleasures are. We’ll be tackling these one at a time, so no jumping the gun. And let’s just start with a blanket statement right off the bat: We realize the concept of a guilty pleasure is patently ridiculous. No one should have to feel bad about anything they derive enjoyment from unless that enjoyment comes from pedophilia or something equally as immoral/illegal/fucked up. With that said, there are some things you’re not as quick to admit taking a shine to as others. We want to hear about those things. First up: What is your guilty pleasure music? Are you a closeted Parrot Head and Jimmy Buffet gets you going? Or do the Bee Gees help you stay alive? Tells us all about it in an email to staff@crujonessociety.com and we’ll toss them up next week. Until then, bottoms up!

Official Drink Of Summer

Dagger and Hart