The Rackhouse, baby! 

1) It benefits charity.

The only required admission is one unwrapped toy to benefit the Denver Santa Claus Shop to help make the holiday dreams of underprivileged families come true. We may be critical of Christmas around here, but a lot of good comes out of this season, and this is just another way to spread good cheer and help those that need it. Besides…

2) You get feel good while getting to feel good.

The Rackhouse Pub has 20 beers on tap (predominantly featuring Colorado microbrews), a buttload of domestics available by the bottle, and proudly serves Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey, from whom it rents its space. And the best part? All this stuff is available at happy hour prices all night. So even if you’re a miserable, heartless alcoholic, come to the Tweetup for kickin’ drink specials and do something good by accident. Ya’ bastard.

3) You keep your noodle active with trivia from the vaunted Redhead.

Let’s count down the top 3 things we love about The Redhead (so far): 3) Promised a gratuitous boob shot for reaching 1,000 followers on Twitter, and delivered magnificently; 2) Advocates for copious amounts of oral sex to ensure world peace; 1) Chick got a brain! She always keeps us on our toes and catches us off guard with her candor, wit, and high-level intellect. How is that not the recipe for a fabulous round of trivia?

4) You get to meet the Cru Jones Society.

We’re emerging from our writing cave to mingle amongst the masses for the first time, and we’d love for you to come down to hang out with us. We love booze, we love trivia, and we’re one of the co-sponsors of this event, so you’re meeting us at our least surly. Come say hello! And make sure to register for trivia for the opportunity to win some boss CJS gear.

5) The gauntlet has been thrown down.

By us. Right now. Our trivia team of Dagger, Hart, and CJS Regulars Keithage, Corriander, twodogszk, and Deuce can’t lose. If we don’t walk out of here champions, we’ll be very surprised. Think you’re better? Come down and prove it. And in the words of Crash Davis – Don’t bring us that weak ass junk, meat. Cuz we’re ready.

And we can’t wait to see you there. If you’re in the Denver area, come to the Tweetup (register here – you can only get in with a ticket) and benefit charity, throw a few back with your friends, meet the CJS, and test your mettle against us.

Can’t wait to see you all there!

Dagger & Hart