We love the curves on Christina Hendricks 

It’s often the small things that get you through the day, and sometimes those things don’t lend themselves well to full “Things We Love” entries. What follows below is a collection of small victories and pleasures that turn an otherwise crappy day okay, and an otherwise decent day good.

* That last bite of Qdoba or Chipotle where all the good sour cream, salsa, and cheese has nestled in the bottom of the spongy tortilla and it’s a little miniature flavor burst that, even though you’re almost uncomfortably stuffed, makes you want another burrito right then.

* Drinking three beers while watching sports and thinking you’re sadly out even though you want just one more. You then defeatedly trudge over to the fridge thinking you’re channeling Old Mother Hubbard, and half-heartedly pull the seemingly empty box out only to find ONE LAST BEER hiding among those cardboard separator things! Hooray!

* Seeing a woman outside walking in a dress, and a stiff breeze forces her dress tight against her midsection revealing the outline of sexy underwear. Am I a pig? Yes. Do I give a a rat crap? Not really.

* Pulling into your parking spot before work and turning the car off right as the song ends leaving the next track cued up perfectly for your drive home.

* Hearing your boss call a co-worker “Zane.” His name is definitely not Zane.

It would be even funnier if he called him Billy Zane

* Remembering to trim that hangnail before you go to work so you’re not screwing with it all the livelong day.

* Knowing your supervisor is gone for an entire week.

* Coming home on a Friday afternoon to find Futurama inexplicably on MTV.

* Getting Final Jeopardy right when all three contestants miss it.

* Knowing I get to ogle my wife’s cleavage whenever I want with no repercussions for the rest of my life.

* Having a Frito Pie for dinner on a cold night.

Vince actually giving a crap about something

* Annoying everyone with my obnoxious Vince Carter Toronto Raptors jersey. In fact, I’m thinking of wearing this to Bill Simmons’ book signing on Friday just to see what kind of reaction I get from him.

*Keeping my wedding ring, bracelet, necklaces, and collar stays in a cigar box I bought for $2 in Maui.

* Referring to couches as “davenports.”

* Raj from “The Big Bang Theory” making fun of how dumb everything sounds in Leonard’s American accent and then imitating it.

* Laughing at guys who unironically wear ponytails, soul patches, pleated pants, or Kanye West sunglasses.

* Resting comfortably in the knowledge that no matter how bad my life gets, I’ll never have to go on an episode of the Real World/Road rules Challenge and navigate the meathead politics of mental midgets like Evan, Kenny, Wes, or Johanna. I get to watch them from the comfort of my own home.

* Listening to Buttfor growl at his toy mouse and tell it who’s boss.

* This.

* And this.

* And of course, this.

* Reflecting on my wedding.

* And knowing I don’t ever have to help plan another one ever again.

* Plowing through Chuck Klosterman’s latest book in four days.

* Finding seven Happy Friday links before Monday’s workday is even over.

* The feel of the air inside Pepsi Center before an Avalanche game – crisp, a little bit chilly, filled with anticipation and the promise of violence. It’s like the best Fall days without any stupid breeze making your face tense up.

* Owning a landline.

* Laughing every time I think about our house sitter asking us why “the cat with the six toes and the kitten face” always ogles her in the shower. Ahhh, I’ve taught him well.

* Re-visiting Lewis Black’s “White Album” during my commute and remembering the first time Senor Limon and I illegally downloaded it in college at 3:30 in the morning on a weeknight and staying up for an hour to listen to the whole thing laughing our asses off.

If it weren’t for his horse…

* Lorna Doone 100 calorie packs.

* Cool sunglasses.

* My big old college book of collected literature.

* Managing to sleep in past 9:00 am on a weekend.

* Blue Moon’s winter seasonal offering.

* Putting just one more CJS article to bed.

* Reading the small pleasures of the CJS Regulars in the comments section.

Until next time…