For the past two years, the Cru Jones Society has been a major part of my life. Spending the week looking back at these two years I realize I have a few random thoughts that by themselves do not warrant a whole post. Well, you understand how these random musing posts work, so here’s one centered more about our fun site that I call my internet home, though not the one marked as my homepage on the browser bar.

* By this point you know our site name comes from the most excellent 80s movie Rad. Well the first time I saw this movie as an adult I had a drunk Dagger narrating the entire thing as it was happening, referring to Lori Laughlin as Aunt Becky the entire time. Here’s an example of how it went, Dagger would say, “Here’s the part where Aunt Becky says this line.” Then Aunt Becky would say that line. It was both awesome and annoying. With this association I love that we named our site after the main character of Rad.

* What has felt like the biggest moment for us, website wise, has been the Bill Allen interview. Who would have thought a huge 80s movie star would take the time to do an interview for a tiny humor website. I’m still not even sure how Dagger was able to wrangle that, but it’s awesome. It feels kind of like the modern equivalent of meeting a celebrity at the mall, Like Jenna Elfman telling the story about meeting Scott Baio in Can’t Hardly Wait.

* Sometimes the last thing I want to do is sit at this computer and type away some bullshit about pop culture or baseball. But as soon as I am done with an article I am always happy I took the time to write something. I’m not always happy with the result but we can’t win every battle, now can we? We’re not G.I. Joe or He-Man, we’re real people, and on occasion real people lose a battle. It just makes the victories that much sweeter.

* The new product I absolutely hate is the Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap System. I have never tried this thing, and my hatered is based on the one commercial I have seen twice now. Lysol’s main idea behind why you should buy this is so you never have to touch a germy soap dispenser again. I don’t so much hate Lysol for this; they’re using an age old tactic of playing off people’s fears. I blame the type of people who are afraid of touching a germy soap dispenser. Who cares if the dispenser puts more germs on your hands, you are literally seconds away from washing them and eliminating germs from your hands. That is the main idea behind using soap. This is just a whole new level of germ-aphobes. I will never understand what people spend their money on.

* I love having an outlet where I can share my angry rants about stupid things. Or at least things I find stupid. I may be alone in my thinking about certain things and the comments section will supply me with plenty of feed back as to why I’m wrong. It’s like having a real discussion but without all that lousy actual human interaction. Also if I don’t like what you have to say, I have the power to delete your comment.

* The other day Dagger mentioned how an SNL retrospective helped us create this site. But more specifically it came about after said retrospective played this clip and I sent a text message saying, “You owe me ten pasta makers!” I kind of hate to admit that because it’s like saying David Spade had a hand in this website, and I don’t want to know where else that hand has been. But that has since become the standard wager around the CJS offices. Still makes me laugh to think about.

* I am happy Jen created our logo; I just wish we had chosen a different way to reimburse her for her time and effort. Not that there is anything wrong with Crate and Barrel, but ever since we bought those gift cards I have been receiving their catalogs in the mail. I am not modern nor hip enough to have anything from Crate and Barrel adorn my home. Though maybe I should consider it and make my apartment look less like it’s occupied by an alcoholic college dork and more like it’s occupied by a functioning adult.

* On St. Patty’s day, or the Saturday before when we went out celebrating, we were given a bunch of free Jameson gear. I sort of feel like the world read our Monday Confessional on Alcohol Kryptonite and decided to screw with me. I got a pretty swell t-shirt but I feel like a hypocrite wearing it. Maybe it’s my own fault for being in a whiskey bar on an Irish holiday. I should assume such a place on such a day would be all about Irish whiskey, and the most popular Irish whiskey. But I can’t take responsibility for my own actions, that’s not the American way.

* I wouldn’t trust any kind of food blogger who would drop whatever they’re doing to check out the newest thing at Taco Bell. Yeah I’m talking about you shrimp blogger who was overly excited about Taco Bell’s new shrimp tacos. I barley trust Taco Bell with beef so there is no way I trust them with seafood. And the fact that you are so eager to try their shrimp tacos has me questioning your credentials.

* I would have to say I like triple A batteries much more than C batteries. I can not remember the last time I used C batteries. They strike me as useless. Now triple A I use rarely, but it is still more than C. And triple A are the ones that power my calculator and considering my complete ineptitude in math, my calculator is mondo important. Yeah, I used the word “mondo.” And yes I am questioning my purchase of the 80s slang dictionary.

* It’s crazy to think that what we do on this website can be considered art. It is by no means high brow art, nor does it fit the usual idea of art, that being things like Picasso’s weirdo shapes or Michelangelo’s giant naked dude, also know as “David.” But this is still considered art and that makes me feel good, even if it is a bit weird to say.

* I have never done that thing where I tell my parents I am sleeping at friend’s house and my friend said they were sleeping at my house, but instead we went some place we weren’t supposed to. Maybe I’m square, or maybe I just don’t lie to my parents and respect their authority. Has anyone done that or is it more sitcom fabrication?

* In one of my very first posts I extolled the reasons I love punk rock in a piece cleverly titled “Why I Love Punk Rock.” Punk rock has been an important element for the better part of my life, when I say better part I mean more of my life. The actual better part of my life was when I was a kid running around without a care or problem. But within the punk rock there was one band that was down from day one, Rancid. And as a bit of an homage to them, my sign off is based on one they have used on all of their liner notes. Just a little tidbit about Lee S. Hart you may not have known.

And on that note…

See ya in the pit…