Every year there are a handful of sporting events that are the crème de le crème. Events that are more important and more special than the games played on any other given day. So this week we asked: What one sporting event do you want to see before you die? We got a nice collection of events and manage to cover all the bases, except soccer, but who really cares about soccer?


Hart: For me the number one sport is hockey. I go to my fair share of games throughout the season at almost every level, majors, minors, and college. So on the top of my list would involve major events from this sport. The Championship game from the Frozen Four would be incredible. This event was held in town a couple of years ago, but my broke ass couldn’t afford it. Of course a Stanley Cup finals game would be on the list, especially a game 7. Just to be in the arena to witness someone lift the cup over their head would be an amazing experience, unless it was those fucktards in Detroit or Vancouver.

But I think number one on my list would be to attend an Olympic gold medal hockey game. This is hockey played at the highest level. I once woke up at 7 am, on a day off after a night of drinking to watch the gold medal game between Sweden and Finland. So of course I would love to be there live. A game where the USA was involved would be the best, but I would also enjoy a game with the host country playing. Or in a country that doesn’t even have a hockey team.

Any of those or the Championship BASEketball game.

Dagger: As I get older and real life encroaches on my time to follow sports, I find myself actively following less and less sports. I have a casual interest in how the Nuggets do, I care less and less about NFL football, I like going to Avalanche games, but that’s largely a product of my dad’s incredible season tickets, and everything else besides MMA and baseball have fallen by the wayside.

But nothing beats the experience of live sports, no matter what the event is. So I’m looking for maximum value for my sports dollar. That’s why I’ve constructed the following list. I’m lucky enough to have already checked three items off my list (WWE pay-per-view – Vengeance in 2003, MLB All-Star Game – 1998 at Coors Field, and clinching game of MLB Playoff game – Game 3 NLDS 2007), but those admittedly fall in the bottom half of the Top 10. Here are the Top 5.

1) Kentucky Derby. The CJS has a special kinship with the Kentucky Derby, so this is a natural choice. But how great would this be? Horse racing is the sport of kings, and there’s none bigger than the Kentucky Derby. You get to wear an obnoxious suit and not get scoffed at, a giant hat that you can’t wear anyone else, and savor a few dozen mint juleps. The race is 2 minutes, but the entire spectacle is the finest around. This is an easy #1 for me.

2) Wimbledon. You’re in England. You’re in this tiny, friendly English village. Everyone from journalists to celebrities to the players themselves all stay in this quaint English hamlet, and you’re bound to shmooze with some totally great people. Wimbledon produces incredible drama, and since you’re overseas, you’re already on a great vacation. What’s not to love?

3) UFC PPV. Nothing beats the atmosphere of a big fight night. I say that as someone who’s only experienced this atmosphere in shitty local bars around Denver. I can’t imagine how great it is in Las Vegas, live and in person. Lady E, Hart, myself, and our friend Mikey check out one of these probably at least every two months. Just once I’d like us to be there in person, dressed to the nines, savoring some good old fashioned bloodlust in person. I’d like this best if we could do this for a Brock Lesnar fight.

4) NASCAR at Talladega Super Speedway. I realize reading a desire to experience a live NASCAR race coming from me is as natural as watching the Easter Bunny apply for a car loan, and that makes sense. I was sold on this by a close family friend telling me awesome story after awesome story about his experience renting an RV and living on the infield for a week before a big NASCAR race. It sounds like the ultimate trip, and every holiday I spend with this guy, my fever to do this grows exponentially. It’s not about the race, it’s about the drinking, the hanging out with your boys, and the incredibly friendly people around you. I’d go next week if I could.

5) Florida VS Georgia College Football Game. The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. What’s more fun than college football tailgating? Answer: Very little. So what’s better than the ultimate college football tailgate? Almost nothing.

Possibly only the four events above.


We covered many events on our lists, but there are several more we didn’t mention. Luckily for us we got your responses to fill in the blanks.

Dzayson: Hello friends! I have an easy #1 choice for your confessional question. I’d cut off my hand to watch the Super Bowl live (yeah, I know- zero points for creativity). But I seem to enjoy the NFL more and more with each passing year, despite the perpetual unlikelihood that my beloved Broncos will ever make it back to the Big Game (read: Tebow, Timothy). But even casual sports fans know that we have been treated to some DANDY Super Bowls over the past few seasons. Watch Drew Brees spoil Peyton Manning’s championship party? Yes, please.

A slightly less obvious runner-up would be to attend a Wrestlemania. I don’t watch WWE anymore, but I have a buddy who still follows it and kindly throws a Mania party annually. I would love to treat him (as well as some of my other former WWF-loving amigos, you know who you are) to a weekend of stupidity. Almost as ridiculous as the event itself is the night-before Hall of Fame ceremony. I can’t help but be amused by watching wrestlers get choked up and sometimes even sob outright. Does that make me a cruel person? I’d have a blast just trying to keep a straight face.

Jitterrawks: I am notoriously apathetic about sports.  I don’t dislike them, and I actually know enough about most of them to follow along with a game or discussion without confusing the World Cup for the Kentucky Derby again.  That being said, I’ve lived amazing sports moments.  I was at the first ever home opener of the Rockies.  I went to two games of the World Series when the Rox were fighting the Sox.  I’ve…well…just gotten some angry looks from the mob, so I’ll stop.  Basically, I love live sports events, but not enough to follow through a season or commit to one team.  There is, however, one event I have yet to see that I want to catch before my untimely death.  A Pay Per View WWE event.  I’ve watched a couple moments of wrestling here and there, usually because it throws off USA’s schedule once per week by 10 minutes.  But man…that’d be an event.  And I don’t want to see the typical weekly characters with their typical weekly fights.  No…I want the vendetta.  With the surprise guests.  And the…well, not sure what else happens there.  But I think it’d be an epic performance, especially since the wrestlers have been promoting this fight within the show for weeks.

Lady E: I only have a few sports bucket list items. I would love to go to a Stanley cup finals game (ideally the one where the Avs win the Cup) and to go to a World Series game. I am game to go to all the baseball parks with Dagger, but really, my big list is my 2 favorite sports Championship games.

Deuce: I’ve had the opportunity to go to many sports events. I’ve been able to see all my favorite teams play live at one time or another which is nice.

As far as what I’d really like to do some day, I’m not really that interested in going to the Super Bowl, especially if my team wasn’t involved.

My choice would be one of two; equally amazing and memorable. I’d love to be able to see either the Indy 500 or the Daytona 500 live. I’ve been to races before and in all honesty, I actually enjoy watching them on television more. But something about these two, The Greatest Spectacle in Racing and The Great American Race are icons with so much to do and fanfare involved in the days (and weeks) leading up to the event. There is a reason the IndyCar series takes off the whole month leading up to the race and why NASCAR starts their season with it. The time is just filled with hustle and bustle. It’s more than just 3.5 hours of racing. It’s American History. It would be awesome to be able to spend a week at each of these sites, take it all in. See the museums, walk the hallowed halls and garages that were shared by some of racing’s legends with names like Andretti, Mears, Petty, Foyt, Pearson, Unser, Yarborough, to name a few. Then be there in person for the call to start engines, maybe hear Jim Nabors sing Back Home Again, or hear the prayer given to the “Ambassadors of Speed.”  Truly amazing.

(Although watching CSU play in the BCS Championship would be really cool too, I’ll keep my list grounded in reality.)


There’s a good chance many of us here at CJS would love to attend the BCS Championship with CSU playing. But we won’t hold our breath on that one. We’ll keep looking on StubHub to see if we can find tickets to any of these events, and hopefully we can start crossing things off.

One way to make it to one of these events is to own a race horse. Aside from keeping it fed and healthy, the most important part of owning a horse is the name you give it. From Man O’ War to Seattle Slew to Big Brown, the name of the race horse is half the fun of the Kentucky Derby. That’s why we are asking you: What would you name your race horse? Here’s your chance to have fun with naming something and not be viewed as a bad parent. Be sure to consult the rules listed here . Then give that horse the best name you can think of and send it to us.

We want to know more about all our readers. So don’t hold back. If you haven’t confessed, or it’s been awhile, or even if you did it last week, we want to hear from you. Confession is good for your soul. Don’t be shy and send us your response, along with your posting name to staff@crujonessociety.com  and we’ll put them up next week.

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