Do you smell that? That’s the smell of spring, and that means baseball! As you’re all probably aware, The Cru Jones Society loves baseball and loves writing about baseball. With first pitch later this week we can hardly hold our excitement and had to bust out our first baseball articles of the season. But first the best way to encapsulate the start of baseball is with this classic WNYX promo.

OK, now grab your cap, a hot dog and a beer, and let’s play ball.

At one point last season Dagger was telling me a story from his childhood where his dad was talking to him about Colorado getting a baseball team. Papa Dagger asked Little Dagger (that sounds like a set up to a dumb joke: What did the big dagger say to the little dagger? Nothing, it just SAI-ed) how he felt about Colorado getting a team and Dagger said he was mostly worried because one day they may pack up and leave. What an odd thought for a ten year old kid, does show he had a grasp about future planning.

The idea of a team moving was never something that concerned me, despite knowing that my Oakland A’s played in both Philly and Kansas City before becoming the Oakland A’s I grew up loving. But I always felt confident that the teams I loved were also well loved by their fans and the owners would never even humor the idea of moving them.

That is until now.

There have been mumblings and meetings and considerations about moving the above mentioned Oakland A’s to San Jose. Right now there are supposedly important people looking at and weighing all the options about this move. And it’s upsetting me.

I have no real connection to the city of Oakland, I was too afraid to go there when I took a trip to San Francisco, and have no real desire to go there. I hate Raiders, and ever since they denied Mr. Cooper a spot on the team I haven’t liked the Warriors. But my dad grew up not far from Oakland and was a fan of the A’s, so that father-son baseball bond developed and I became an A’s fan. For this I will always love the Oakland A’s.

But the San Jose A’s would be a team I have no connection to. It would be like watching “Saved By The Bell: The New Class,” essentially it’s the same, Belding and Screech are still around, but the heart is gone and I’m not buying the bullshit. At least with the New Class they stated at Bayside High.

Now I am not saying the A’s shouldn’t get a new stadium, after all they are one of only two teams still sharing a stadium with a football team, and the Marlins are in the process of getting their own stadium. But there is no real reason this stadium should be in San Jose. How about you just move the Raiders out of the Oakland Coliseum and into San Jose? That is a way better idea.

The only way I can see this happening, well not the Raiders moving thing, I don’t actually see that happening. But to keep the A’s in Oakland, and give them a new stadium is if the A’s can win that World Series thing. Don’t get me wrong, by all means I want nothing more than for the Rox to bring the championship here to Colorado, but the next choice would definitely be for the A’s to have it. Though there might be some law about back-to-back Bay Area Champions, there are a lot of bizarre rules in baseball.

With the acquisitions made in the offseason, I’m thinking, as are many others, the A’s have a chance this season. However, based on the past few years, I am skeptical because I don’t know how many of these players will still be an A come the trade deadline.

I want to support the Moneyball tactic, but I have lost faith in it. On paper it seems like a good plan, but now, as it has not yielded any World Titles, and only a few playoff appearances, I start to have doubts. Hell, when the Cubs make the playoffs more recently than you, it’s time to try a new strategy.

The lack of playoff appearances is not even the most annoying part. No, that distinction belongs to the rotating door for players. There’s no face to the franchise. No one to get behind, just rooting for a bunch of jersey fillers. Teams can’t mesh that way, and they can’t win that way. Though it has worked out well for the Rox in the form of Cargo, Street, and Giambi, so I’ll take that. About time they send quality players here rather than New York. Yeah fuck you Mr. October.

What this is really telling me is the team needs to do a lot more than just move the franchise south. In which case, I say move there and stop tarnishing the Oakland A’s I have grown up loving. Though I suppose people like Canseco and Mcgwire have already put a nice red mark on the team. Seriously, Canseco, what is wrong with you? I looked up to you so much as a kid. Who knew that crazy, third person talking, ego-centric Rickey Henderson would have his shit more together than you?

I started this article hoping to ridicule and mock the stupid idea of moving a team to butt fucking San Jose, but it turns out this hit a little closer to me than I anticipated. It’s always harder when something you love pisses you off, and that’s what these green and gold bastards have been doing to me. Part of me just wants to turn my back on them before they hurt me, but I can’t! I guess this is the plight of the sports fan.

Now as long as the green and gold continue to call Oakland home, then I will keep tabs on them via the interwebs while I watch a team that actually respects its fans and loves the city of Denver. And Oakland, see how shitty your town really is once you lose the only thing it has going for it.

And San Jose, fuck you and your sharks.


See ya in the beer line…