In most cases I couldn’t care less about the number of times I do things. I used to count the number of times I’ve seen bands, but as I started to see some bands more and more, in addition to my problem with numbers, I gave up. But recently I have become totally aware of the number of plays counter found on iTunes. I was drawn into it, completely fascinated by it. Then I got angry as I noticed it would go up even if I only listened to the last 15 seconds of a song. I do that a lot when I am making mixes. It’s important to me how a song ends and how that ending works with the start of the next song. I’m sure there some psychological disorder I can classify that behavior under.

Anyway, I started using this information when I made mixes. When I chose a song I would see how often I played that song and if I was close to too much and should choose a different song. I think that’s more of that disorder coming to the surface. Eventually this led me to figuring out which songs I have played the most. I was a little surprised by the results. Not so much in the fact that these are bad songs, but more in they are not really the ones I would have expected. Though if they were what I expected, then I probably wouldn’t have written about them.

So I now give you the Top Five Most Played Songs on Hart’s iTunes.

Kids and Heroes – Bouncing Souls

50 Plays

I am not surprised in the least by this song being in the top five. Though it is weird since I would say there are four or five songs by the Bouncing Souls I love more. But that’s going to be a reoccurring thing with the songs on this list. That’s not to say that I don’t love this song, because I do. I love this band.

“Kids and Heroes” to me signifies the moment the Bouncing Souls grew up. There were hints in the previous albums, but it was as though those were all leading to this moment. The moment when they stopped singing about girls, or getting drunk, or music (though I really like those ones) looked at themselves and knew exactly what their music , and being a part of this band, really means to them.

There’s a lyric in the song that goes, “But I still believe there are only a few things that really belong to me: who I am; who I was; and who I want to be.” I’m probably not getting too deep when I say this is a reflection on the band. No matter what they or anyone thinks about the music they made or are making, it is something they did or are doing and you have to own up to it. You may not be proud of the end result, but you should still be proud that you made something. No one can take that away from you. I just love that notion in this song, that and the slower string plucking bookending this song.

East Bay Night – Rancid

52 Plays

A few years ago I found myself drinking on a patio in the town I grew up. As I sipped my beer I looked up at the mountain that I used to see every day, and a smile overtook my face. I think that was the first time I fully appreciated having grown up in that town. That is exactly what this song is about. Just loving and embracing where you grew up. That is the place that made you who are. You may not still be friends with the people you friends with during that time, but those friendships set you up for the friends you would make. It seems insignificant at the time, but when you look back the place you grew up is important.

Sylvia Plath said, “You can’t go home again.” This song leads me to call bullshit on that. When you hear a punk rock and all sing along, when you reminisce on the front porch under a yellow light, when there’s nothing to say you just look out into the bay and you know some things just feel right. You’ll always have the memories and you can always recall all the things that were great. You can always go home in your mind. There are always little reminders to take you there.

Hit the Fence – Transplants

57 Plays

I recently decided, by recently I mean 56 plays ago, that this is the song I would use as my UFC entrance music. It’s got this military-esq drum, like a military march on the snare, mixed with a killer bass line, then Skinhed Rob comes barreling in with the lyrics. And these lyrics hold no punches. They’re angry, they’re in your face, and most importantly they’re violent. The kind of lyrics that make you want to do everything in your power to stay on this guy’s good side. But if you’re hearing them, then you’re already on my bad side.

I have found this song gets me amped up more than any other song ever. Before we did Geek Bowl last year I blasted this song in my ears. When I was heading to get my tattoo this was blaring in my car. That giant plate of nachos I made didn’t get eaten without some “Hit the Fence” motivation!

This Is a Rebel Song – No Use For a Name

 61 Plays

Hard Rock Bottom is one of the albums I listen to most as I fall asleep, so that helped inflate the numbers on this song. But what really did it for me on this song is something I have been getting into a lot lately and that is the chick singer in punk songs. But not all chick singers as some of them are downright awful, I’m looking at you Lunachicks, Distillers, and Fabulous Disaster (Fabulous Disaster always makes me conjure up images of a female version of the WWF tag team the Natural Disasters. Gross). These bands all focus on the chick screaming and sounding like a chick who thinks she has to have gnarly vocals in order to hang in the punk rock boys club. I think it sounds so good when the chick has an awesome, natural voice. This song is one example of that. Others would be “Wish Me Well (You Can Go to Hell)” by the Bouncing Souls, “The Dirty Glass” by Dropkick Murphys, or nearly everything Tilt has ever done.

There is just something really cool about hearing the girl’s voice, the high toned and pretty voice, against the raging distortion of the punk rock guitars. Also it’s a pretty damn sexy.

UPDATE: I just learned this is originally a Sinead O’Connor song

Don’t Wanna Wait Forever – Saint Alvia

66 Plays

This is the most played song according to my iTunes. I was surprised by this, not that this isn’t a bad sang and I do recall listening to it quite a bit, but I am surprised as this is a band I learned about only a year ago. I stumbled upon these guys accidently and they have since shot their way up my playlist ladder. I don’t really know what to make of that. Though it is kind of cool since it has been a long ass time since anyone has done that, it takes me back to a younger time when music was new and exciting.

About a year and a half ago I met this girl and took her on a date to the Flogging Molly show. I found that a concert is pretty swell for an early date. You can observe how they act while the band is playing then all that down time between bands gives you the chance to get to know each other. We showed up while some band was playing, then we chit chatted (and she bought the first round of beers. Nice!) Then this other band took the stage and we couldn’t understand what they were saying after Saint. But they were good. They could play and there was an awesome Clash vibe to them, which doesn’t hurt. I dug this band, and I was digging this chick.

Unfortunately after a couple more dates things kind of fizzled and I haven’t talked to her since. I harbor no ill will towards her. I am actually super grateful of the time I had with her and am so happy that I got this amazing band out of the whole thing. I’m thankful too as there was a chance I could associate every listen with this girl and end up hating the band.

I’m really can’t say why it was this song and not one of the other 11 tracks that I really clung to, and I don’t really care. This is a good one.

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