The Cru Jones Society launched on March 30, 2008. Our mission is to make you laugh, make you think, and if all goes well, aid you in discovering comic nirvana by causing you to shoot beer out your nose while reading. That’s the ultimate. We’re diligent in that pursuit with every post you see. For more background on the name of the site as well as our general philosophy, click this link which is the first article ever posted on this site.

The Cru Jones Society features a wide swath of topic areas designed to entertain you. Whether we’re recounting the latest field trip to local breweries, rehashing pop culture artifacts from our youth, playing Food Sex or Cars?, or acting just plain goofy, chances are excellent you’ll find something you like here.

We’re here for yours and our own amusement. Please feel free to comment, contribute and email us with any feedback. We’re always open to debating you, and we’re rarely lacking for a response. We hope you frequent our page often and you find this site a valuable tool for wasting time at work, killing time between classes, or decompressing on the weekends.

Before you check out the rest of our posts, here’s a little about us:

E Dagger: Will drunkenly quote the movie RAD to you if provoked. Will often do this unprovoked. Loves Amstel Light and peanut butter.  Loves the Cubs. Hates the fact that he loves the Cubs. If asked, will claim that he likes the Foo Fighters even though he doesn’t. “Just seems like something I should like,” he says.

Lee S. Hart: Not afraid to experiment with facial hair. Makes fun of Dagger for his inability to grow facial hair. Loves The Clash. Hates The Beatles. Will provoke fights at parties on this topic for fun. Wants for his own gin and tonic making robot. This meatloaf is making him burpy. Can sing Face to Face in the style of Richard Nixon.

Senor Limon (emeritus): Once called a woman whose number he found written on the wall of a port-a-potty… a woman actually answered. Hates when people refer to Superman as “Supes.” Likes ketchup, but hates tomatoes. Once spent a drunken night quoting Long Duk Dong on a playground and shouting in a sound proof booth that turned out to be a mere bus shelter.

Feel free to email us with any questions, comments, or article ideas.

In this brave new world of Web 2.0, we’re not limited to one simple website, no, no, no. We’re all over the place, by crackie, so check us out in the following spots…

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Cru Jones Society Merchandise

A number of you asked for it, you got it. We’ve opened our own Zazzle gallery and now you too can own Cru Jones Society merchandise. We have t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, and a whole boatload of other crap that shows your love outside the ‘net of your favorite online time waster. If there’s something CJS branded you like that we don’t have (like a skateboard deck or necktie – seriously), just ask us and we’ll make it.

OK dudes, let’s walk this sucker!

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