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Prelude to Water World

 E Dagger’s Graceland

Christmas morning. Of all the days, hell, of all the portions of days on the calendar, this is probably the day kids look forward to most (with the possible temporary exception of the afternoon on the last day of school). The anticipation, the merriment, the copious of amounts of toys, games, and candy, and the guilt-free nature of the unabashed materialism of it all makes it the best day of the year for a kid. If I interviewed 100 kids, I’d bet that 95 of them would tell me that Christmas Day is their favorite day of the year with 3 kids choosing their birthdays as the best, and one weird, fat kid who likes Halloween above the rest.

And then there’d be that one totally bizarre kid who didn’t choose any of the above and instead marked the day he went to Water World each year as the most awesomely excellent circled date on the calendar hands down, case closed, argument over.

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Field Trip

Brewery Tours

It’s only taken a month but finally an article about beer.

It’s Happy Hour Somewhere

Nectar of the Gods!

This past Saturday I, along with Keithage and my little sis, took a trip to Ft. Collins, Colorado, with one purpose in mind, to tour the breweries of the town. It’s very possible there are many more breweries than the ones we planned on visiting, but we were only intending to tour these four: New Belgium, Odell Brewing Company, Ft. Collins Brewery, and Anheuser-Busch.

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Field Trip

Las Vegas

Vegas, baby! Vegas!

A word of warning right off the bat: This is an extremely long post. At last count, 14 single-spaced pages in Word. I’ve broken this post into sub-headings, so if you don’t feel like reading the whole thing, go by the headings. I’ve broken down my latest trip to Las Vegas into Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down ratings to accurately convey where you should and shouldn’t go and what you should and shouldn’t do. This is my eighth trip to Las Vegas in four years, so I have a decent handle on where to go and what to do. See if you agree with my assessment. Did your favorite place make the list? Read on and find out…

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