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Happy Friday #84: Pre-Oscar Red Carpet Edition

We don’t know about you, but this has felt like a long week. But now it has finally come to an end. We’re just a few short hours from beer thirty and we plan on killing the time with some time wasting links. We invite you to do the same. And why wouldn’t you? After all this week we have frogurt, the best dead guy ever, and of course more Oscar talk. So duck the boss, kick back, and read on. Continue Reading »


Happy Friday #83: Black Edition

“Well, we’re doin’ mighty fine, I do suppose,
In our streak of lightnin’ cars and fancy clothes,
But just so we’re reminded of the ones who are held back,
Up front there ought ‘a be a Man In Black.”

Johnny Cash would have been 78 today and so this Friday post is dedicated to him, those he has inspired, and all those he was wearing black for. Johnny, thanks for all the great music

To honor Mr. Cash I just wanted to have a black screen up for the day. But I was told that was a stupid idea and was banned from talking for the rest of the meeting. Instead it was decided we would follow our usual Friday format and let you waste your morning, or afternoon, or whenever with a cavalcade of links. Some funny, some interesting, and some just wacky (also probably one about baseball, it’s been known to happen) whatever the case we hope you find one or two you enjoy. Continue Reading »


Happy Friday #82: Through The Chain Links

It’s clear we have spent our evenings watching extended coverage of the Olympics. Unfortunately it’s not like four years ago when we were able to spend the days watching even more coverage, but we grew up and had to get real jobs. Though we wasted the week perusing the internet looking for Olympic coverage and in the process we found some other links about Quentin Tarantino, Roger Ebert, and some of our favorite non-Winter Olympic sports. Now position yourself on the starting block and go for the gold. Continue Reading »


Happy Friday #81: My Business, My Biz-NASS Edition

Been a busy week here at the Cru Jones Society. New ads, new comments system, guest posts… what the hell, right? But thankfully the week’s over, and we’ve collected tons of good stuff for you here once again.

In this week’s edition: The final word on Valentine’s Day, post-mortem on the Super Bowl, how to annoy people at the office, and the ultimate neo-maxi zoom dweebie. Toss a grenade in your schedule and cozy up to Happy Friday. Continue Reading »


Happy Friday #80: Super Friday Edition

Friday, Friday, my entire kingdom for want of a Friday! Sacrifice your kingdom not, for Friday comes each and every week, and this Friday’s special because lurking at the end of this weekend is one of the premier party events of the year. It’s Super Bowl weekend where we’re allowed to show up hungover on Monday without the boss questioning our ever-lurking alcoholism and your resultant bloat is not expected, but encouraged.

In addition to Super Bowl fun, we’ll kick off your weekend right with all-around badass William Shatner, Mike The Situation, MMA trash-talking from Chael Sonnen, the commander-in-chief, and Jake Jabs. Yep, the guy who sells cheap sofas and butchers old Waylon Jennings tunes.

Wait, what?

It’s all inside. Enjoy your Super Friday. Continue Reading »


Happy Friday #79: Unexpected Swerves Ahead

Happy Friday to the ballers, gangsters, players, player-haters, drinkers of Haterade, those who don’t hate the player but hate the game, and straight-up pimpdogs in the CJS universe with us this week. You macked another week, dog, so you best be fendin’ to raise up and get your internet on. Cuz at CJS it’s laid out like dat. We got your punk ass covered like a jimmy hat.

In this edition: Miserable old (brilliant) bastard J.D. Salinger dies, Steve Jobs kick starts another round of absurd blowjobbery from Apple fanboys with his latest plaything, Nazis perform community service, people look like fools with their pants on the ground, and we do our best not to use embarrassingly outdated non-white slang. Join us, won’t you? Continue Reading »


Happy Friday #78: National Pie Edition

Tomorrow is National Pie Day and to get you in the mood for some delicious apple, cherry, or even some weirdo flavor that only you would like we’re slicing up a warm, freshly baked Happy Friday. The special ingredients we used this week include a helping of Tony Clifton, a tbsp. of The Simpsons, and just a dash of the Pope. Baked for 45 minutes, it is now ready for you enjoyment. So grab a fork and dive on in. Continue Reading »


Happy Friday #77: Hey DJ Edition

Even the DeathStar had a dance club 

We’re wrapping up playlist week here Cru Jones Society, and we thought we would close it out with a playlist of websites to visit throughout the day. It’s like music for your eyes. This list is not designed to put you in the mood for the open road, or to rise up against the establishment, or get a lady ready to knock some very sensual boots No, this list is designed to help you waste company time, give you some laughs, and keep you in touch with the world outside of your cubicle. Like everyone else this week we have Conan, but we also have beer and movies. So let’s get one more playlist going before the weekend. Continue Reading »


Happy Friday #76: Good Times Edition


Ah the first Friday of the New Year, a time of renewal and freshness. Wait, wasn’t New Year’s Day on a Friday? Dammit! Ok, from the top, Ah the first Happy Friday of the New Year and for you some brand new links. But don’t worry, we have the same old dick and fart jokes that you have come to enjoy. And to help us with these jokes we have guidos, goats, and goofy fat kids. So put your resolutions aside and enjoy some good old fashioned fun. Continue Reading »

Friday, Holiday

UberHappy Friday: 2009 Year In Review

Play off 2009, Keyboard Cat! 

We waited until the last few hours of 2009 to post our year in review piece. And since you’re likely reading this on Friday (or later), that means 2010 has already arrived, so Happy New Year from the CJS!

Each Friday we’ve sought to bring you hours upon hours of time wasting goodness to glide you effortlessly into the weekend while putting off that lousy “work” yet another week while you watch awesome videos of Keyboard Cat and other such stuff on the last day of your sentence each week in the white collar gulag.

In going through the 47 Happy Fridays from the past year, we realized we’d offered you more than 700 links to all sorts of weird stuff from all over the interwebs. Today, we take a look back at some of the biggest stories throughout the year, a few more year-end retrospectives, our favorite sites, and some plain old random funny junk too. I personally re-read every Happy Friday from 2009, and I’ll tell you one thing: Hart’s doing this next year. Jesus Christ, that’s too many links.

Welcome to UberHappy Friday: 2009 Year in Review! Continue Reading »


Happy Friday #75: Misfit Edition

Nothing says Christmas like these goofy bastards 

Christmas is now officially a week away, buckos. So if you’re a poor-planning dimwit like I am and haven’t done your shopping or are a holiday malcontent who fears the snot-nosed hordes of zombie-fied Christmas shoppers (again, like I am) you better get with it. Christmas will not be stopped. And God knows I’ve tried.

So to prepare you for the big ol’ punchbowl of crazy you’ll encounter during the last week of Christmas, our links this week feature a regular Russell Stover assortment of goofballs. God help you if you get that one candy with the coconut though. Or the one with the pink ick in the middle? What is that pink stuff? It tastes like AIDS. That’s why today’s Happy Friday features a no-pink-glop guarantee. So check out the assortment, and hit the links. Continue Reading »


Happy Friday #74: Exploration Edition

Someday they’ll erect a CJS statue around here… 

Welcome to Friday, everyone. In this edition we take a trip all around the world as we journey from a tiny island in the South Pacific to the subculture of car racing to the trumped up world of wine snobs and end up in the bizarre world of Pee-Wee Herman hitting everywhere in between. We’ve even got an exploration-themed Confessional topic for you this week. So put on your pointy hat, get out your sextant, and let’s set sail. Ahoy to the weekend! Continue Reading »


Happy Friday #73: Gobble Gobble Edition

Who owns the lucky hand? 

With Thanksgiving, and more importantly Food Sex or Cars returning, next week, we have a lot to cover in our last feature article before the shenanigans commence. So, in this edition we’ve got video goodness featuring Zach Galifianakis, some hilariously bad singing, more about Shit My Dad Says, and sports sports sports! Gobble, gobble, bitches! It’s Friday! Continue Reading »


Happy Friday #72: Break The Walls Down Edition

 Welcome to Friday is CJS!

Whether you throw your shoulder into it, kick it in as if it were protected by Brinks, or straight up Hulk smash it, we don’t care just do whatever it takes to break those walls down. On the other side of the walls are some links about furless bears, the co-workers you hate, and some kick ass stop motion videos. Now get the walls down, come on it and let’s begin. Continue Reading »


Happy Friday #71: Blast From The Past Edition

Bag your face! 

Congratulations! You made it through another week. And to reward you we have another edition of time wasting links we affectionately refer to as Happy Friday. We touch on a few of our favorite things this week like beer, punk rock, beer, Hanson, and more beer. Now sit back, relax and enjoy the links, after all, you deserve it. Continue Reading »


Happy Friday #70: Smell Ya Later Edition

He’s the DJ, I’m the rapper 

In midwest Colorado we were born and raised. On the internet is where spend most of our days. Chillin’ out, maxin’ relaxin’ or coolin’.  Shootin’s some links out to our readers. Went to one bad site and our moms got scared, said you’re reading CJS, even in Bel Air. Typed in the browser and when it got there I could see this site was rare. Will Smith on the cover, and Bill Allen was near. I thought nah forget it, yo homes the links if you dare. I pulled up to the link, about 7 or 8, yelled to the cabbie, you homes smell ya later. Looked at the video, no time to haste, this day I was about to waste. Continue Reading »


Happy Friday #69: Inner Beavis Edition

There’s gonna be naked chicks! And nachos! And FIRE!

We originally planned not to make a big deal out of Edition #69. We like to think we’re above that level of immaturity and dare not plunge to those depths of juvenility preferring instead to enlighten and enliven your minds with… ohh, who am I kidding here?

69, dudes! Whooooo! Wine me, dine me, sixty-nine me! Deck the halls, pound the walls, spank my ass, and lick my balls! E Dagger’s back, baby!

I’m tanned, recharged, feelin’ great, and most importantly – married! But that doesn’t mean I have to grow up. Inside today’s edition is a collection of links specifically designed to make your inner Beavis happy. Beer! Sex advice! Strip hockey! Hair metal! We got it goin’ on, so click it, lick it, and stick it. It’s 69 today, baby! Continue Reading »


Happy Friday #68: Halloween Cereal Edition

Yeah, Frank. We’re excite too about Halloween cereals being back on the shelves 

Welcome to another Happy Friday. Dagger’s off enjoying the sun, sea, and his new wife and left Hart in complete control of the helm. This means there are fewer links than normal, but all the fun is still here. This week we’ve got hockey, Mongolians, and Hall and Oats, you read that right, we got both Hall and Oats. But before we get to all of that, what do you guys really think of Dagger? Continue Reading »


Happy Friday #67: Pre-Nup Edition

Prenup Edition

“I have to write Happy Friday this week.”

“Ha! Good luck!” – an actual exchange I had with Lady E last weekend

Did she somehow know that I’d get inexplicably busy at work while dealing with all the last minute nonsense associated with this wedding? Did she have the clairvoyance to say that with the knowledge that every time I’d sit down to write this damn thing, either my mom would drop by with my grandmother, a co-worker would barge into my office with an inane request, or I’d find out it would cost 500 goddamn dollars to fix our washing machine that improbably broke this week on top of everything else? Did she peer into her crystal ball and notice that I had exactly zero time to slack off at work this week and find funny links? Or am I just retarded in thinking I could pull this off without giving myself an ulcer?

Whatever the case, this is the last time you’ll see me around here for another 10 days, and just because I don’t have time to see what new dimwits Keyboard Cat’s playing off these days, doesn’t mean that you don’t either. That’s my pre-nuptial agreement with the CJS Regulars, and I won’t let you down. Here are your Friday links. Continue Reading »


Happy Friday #66: Welcome Back to Rocktober


It’s October, the Rockies clinched a playoff spot, and the NHL dropped the puck on another new season. This truly is a Happy Friday. Maybe baseball and hockey aren’t your thing, don’t worry, we got links to satisfy even the pickiest of readers. If you’re ready to start wasting your day, then read on enjoy the start to the weekend. Continue Reading »

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