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King of The Ring

Welcome to Raw is Cru Jones Society! We are very excited this week as we pay a tribute to something that was a big part of our lives, professional wrestling. It could even be said pro wrestling is responsible for CJS as Dagger and Hart first became friends over our love of sports entertainment. So we have a week of great articles dedicated to this form of entertainment, including a guest column from Food, Sex, or Cars? winner Chaddymac. Be sure to look for that one on Wednesday.

We start this week by getting a feel of your wrestling love, and to do that we asked you the question: Who was your favorite wrestler? We assumed that at some point in your life you watched some wrestling and had a guy you rooted for above all else. And you proved us right by sending in some great responses. As is the custom we’ll jerk the curtain and then your responses will follow. Continue Reading »

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The Superchild Calculation

Son of Jor-El: Go to Earth and become a dorky newspaper reporter. 

Confessional time again, and we asked you to play God. Unfortunately, no one seemed terribly interested in playing, so we’re a bit light once again. We suspect last week’s question (What song makes its way onto your mixtapes most often?) and this week’s question: “You get to make a superchild for any reason. Which two people do you take DNA from to make this kid?” are just a tad abstract and since you likely have plenty to do, pondering the DNA of a hypothetical child isn’t exactly high on your list of priorities. So next week’s topic is much more straightforward. Check it out at the bottom.

But first, let’s take a look at some superchildren. We had fun with this, and we hope you do too. So welcome to the Confessional, and answer our new question at the bottom. Continue Reading »

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Put That Song on Repeat!

Another mix made, another Confessional in the books 

Welcome to the 2nd Monday Confessional of 2010. Not a lot of Confessors this week – one actually – and we suspect the nature of the question might be a tad esoteric. We asked you: When you’re creating a new playlist, what song always seems to find its way onto every mix? When you make as many mixes as Hart and Dagger, you take for granted that not everyone thinks as heavily about music as we do, and might not even make mixes at all.

Case in point: When we wrote our “Sweatin’ to the CJS” mix, many of you espoused to not even making workout mixes at all and just put the player on shuffle which strikes us a completely alien concept. But we make a buttload of mixes, and since this week deals almost exclusively with this pursuit, despite our low participation, we’re here to share our mixing peccadilloes with you. So grab your Mp3 player, and let’s see what songs often find their way onto the CJS playlists. Continue Reading »

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Ghoul Pool 2010

Who becomes the new ghost dad in 2010? 

Welcome to the first Confessional of the new year. And it’s a morbid one, so the Confessional title is certainly apropos. Choosing celebrity death is always a decidedly creepy task, so if there’s any place to do this and experience the requisite guilt of deciding which famous people are going to bite the dust this year, it’s definitely the Confessional.

For those of you new here, the Confessional is where we ask you a question, you respond via email, and we compare notes on the topic. It’s open to everyone, so don’t be shy and join us. This week’s question was Ghoul Pool ’10: Which three celebrities will die in 2010? CJS Staff responds first and then we turn it over to our readers. Our new question is at the bottom.

Alright, time to spin the wheel of destiny! Let’s see who we all think is going to move to that big press junket in the sky. It’s time to play Ghoul Pool ’10! Continue Reading »

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Christmas Love & Hate

“Rockin” around the Christmas tree. Har! 

Welcome back to the Monday Confessional where today we asked you the question: What are the things that you love and hate about the Christmas season? We’re guessing most of you were too busy last week either with your endless supply of merriment or your persistent staving off the desire to drink a quart of vodka and open a couple of veins in the bathtub to respond this week, but we forgive you. The holidays are crazy times for everyone, but despite the annual insanity, the Cru Jones Society must continue to forge ahead.

After this week’s responses, check out next week’s question because there will be a prize for whomever answers it best. We’ll also have a word about our schedule, and what to look for in the new year. But for now, let’s focus on the joys and miseries of the Christmas season. Continue Reading »

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Thanks Santa! You’re The Best!

 What did ya bring me? What did ya bring me?

Chanukah has come and gone; Christmas is but a few days away and we all know the important part of these two holidays is the presents. You stay good all year in hopes of that one perfect gift, and when you do get that gift it makes the day, or 8, that much more special. To that end we asked the question: What was the best gift you ever received for Christmas, or Chanukah? We’ll take a look at the gifts left at the CJS houses first, and then off to the homes of some of readers to see what they got. Continue Reading »

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Around The World In 8 Responses

 Where do you want to go today?

When Kevin McAllister was left home alone, the rest of his family went to Paris, France. We always thought it was pretty sweet they were spending Christmas in a foreign country. That is why last week we wanted to hear about your travel adventures and we asked you: Where is the best place you have ever visited outside the United States? The bags are packed, and we’re ready to go. First we head east to the hot spots we love. Then jet set around the world to following your adventures. Grab your passport and boarding pass and let’s fly. Continue Reading »

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Best and Worst. Names. Ever.

The Lone Rnagers? There’s 3 of you. You’re not exactly lone 

Monday Night Football is on tonight and the Green Bay Packers take on the Baltimore Ravens. Two teams that have names that are not completely dumb. Dealing with local history and daunting, soul eating birds. Unfortunately these are part of a small selection of non-asinine names used by teams or bands. There are a lot so we asked you: What are the best and worst team and band names out there? You responded in full force. So as usual the CJS staff is first and then we follow it up with your responses. Continue Reading »

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Our Go To Movies and Music

 Surprisingly not a movie we picked to write about

Thanksgiving has come on gone, we hope you all enjoyed yours, but now Christmas is right around the corner and that means our local soft rock station is gearing up to over play their Christmas playlist, the cable network USA is going to put Elf on every night and of course TBS will have its 24 hour marathon of A Christmas Story. For this Monday Confessional we followed in this spirit of over indulgence as we asked: What is your most played CD and most watched movie? Let’s get to it so you can get back to watching your movie. Continue Reading »

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Are You Ready To Rock!?!

Crank it to 11! 

Concerts are a staple here at the Cru Jones Society. We have spent many a night, and a few days, at concerts listen to music, drinking and growing friendships. And we’re willing to guess you have seen a band or two in your day. But like pizza delivery, televised sports, or two for one drink night, all good things have to start somewhere. With that we had one question for you: What was your first concert?

The responses this week run the musical genre gambit, from Alternative, country, and even some decade defining 80′s awesomness. We’ll start with the usual opening acts of Hart and Dagger and then what you have all come for, your responses. The stage is set so let’s get the house lights down and turn this mother out. Continue Reading »

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Best of the Halloween Best

Rival gangs The Baseball Furies and The Autobats strike a peace accord over PBR 

Hope everyone has recovered from their Halloween weekend on this fine Monday morning. Dagger and Lady E dressed as red carpet ready couple Wednesday Addams and WWE Superstar Chris Jericho while Lee S. Hart spent the night dressed as “suit-wearing wedding guest” at a non-costumed wedding that inexplicably took place on Halloween. Who does that?

Whatever the reason, he didn’t get to dress up this year, but that didn’t stop him from responding to this week’s question: What was your best Halloween costume of all-time? So as you ease out of that diabetic coma from all of this weekend’s candy and gradually regain your equilibrium from all the ill-advised Jell-O shots you swallowed, let’s take one last look at Halloween and revel in the best sartorial choices of the CJS Staff and Regulars on the best night of the year. Continue Reading »

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Teary-Eyed Cinema

One of the saddest movies ever that thankfully wasn’t mentioned by any of our readers.

The Monday Confessional is where we convene at the beginning of each week to share our experiences, unburden our souls, and give the CJS Regulars a turn in getting their voices heard by the world. This week’s prompt allowed us to share that special part of ourselves that cries due to the goings on of characters that are almost always fictional. We asked you: What movie makes (or made) you cry? Many of our readers didn’t fear the emotion and let us have it. CJS Staff lets the waterworks go first, and the regulars shed their tears after. Then we’ll give you next week’s decidedly less sob-worthy question. Grab a box of tissues, and let’s dig in. Continue Reading »

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Them’s Fightin’ Words

Do bears fight in the woods? 

Welcome to the Cru Jones Society fight night. Technically it’s not night when most of you read this, but fight morning and fight afternoon don’t sound as good. We wanted to know who you would take on if you could fight anyone living, dead, or fictional. We have six fights scheduled for the card, and since we don’t have any video packages to waste time let’s get Bruce Buffer out here to start the thing. What? Our not for profit site can’t afford Mr. Buffer? Can we, “say let’s get ready to rumble,” without being sued? No? Fine, then just touch gloves and come out fighting. Continue Reading »

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Assume the Position

Sports sports sports 

There really is nothing like a fun pickup game on a sunny afternoon. Just you and your friends playing a game for farts and smiles. But what if you got to play that game as a living? To us that sounds like a great life. But sadly we can only pretend. That is why this week we gave you a hypothetical life to live. We wanted to know if you could redo your life and become a professional athlete what sport would you play and which position would you play? First up on this fantasy draft are yours truly, then we turn it over to some of our faithful readers. Continue Reading »

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The Greatest Game

It all happens in here 

It’s October, officially the greatest month for sports. Baseball is in the post season, football is in full swing, hockey is underway, and basketball is just around the corner. We here at CJS are sports fans, as you may have picked up on, so we have decided to dedicate the next few confessions to sports. The first pitch of our sports confessions was to tell us what the greatest sporting event you ever watched was. We got a good load of responses so let’s get to it so that you’ll still have time to watch Favre cry tonight. Continue Reading »

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Let’s Meet Our Contestants

What is ‘way too excited for your responses?’ 

This weekly feature on the Cru Jones Society has been running since January 11 and invites CJS Staff and Regulars to share their answers to a weekly prompt.

What is the Monday Confessional?

That is correct, and welcome to another edition. The CJS loves Jeopardy! but thinks the interview segment bites. In our experience, we’ve only seen one truly good interview and that was a guy who admired some broadcaster who regularly called games at Madison Square Garden and aspired to do that one day himself. Through hard work and some good luck, his college basketball team serendipitously played there and he was fortunate enough to realize his dream by doing play-by-play for them. Simple, elegant, and interesting. Good for him.

However, everyone else usually tells some jackass story about their cat which makes us just want to ridicule the entire thing. So we asked you to amuse us and answer this question: What is your Jeopardy interview story? Seeing as we only got two responses, the staff will go first, then the regulars, and then a fun little game. Enjoy! (Because the clock is ticking) Continue Reading »

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Our Favorite Fake Destinations

 Hulk Hogan, eat your heart out!

We’re back from Las Vegas and we’ve got stories to share, but those will have to wait until Thursday. Why? Because although being in Las Vegas often feels like pure fiction and fantasy (it is – especially when it’s YOUR bachelor party), that answer is disqualified because you can actually go there anytime you want. Our focus today is on places you can’t actually go. We asked you last week: If you could visit one fictional world from television, movies, literature, which would it be? Our readers’ diverse choices are inside, but first the CJS Staff. Continue Reading »

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Showdown: Dog People VS Cat People

The epic battle commences 

We expected a firestorm of responses this week since this is a long-debated topic, but a relatively easy one to answer. What we got was barely a spark of debate. We figured our question: Are you a dog or cat person? would rage on like a Malibu wildfire like it often does during tavern exchanges that start off friendly, but ultimately escalate into unpleasantness before someone steps in and ends the acrimony with an offer to buy a round of kamikazes for everyone. Sadly, seeing as this is the internet, we have no alcohol. However, the responses we did get were excellent, so come on inside and we’ll see who the big CJS winner is: Cats or dogs. Feel free to add your two cents to the comments section. Continue Reading »

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CJS Toy Box

The OG Battlebots 

Ralph Wiggum put it best when he said, “Fun toys are fun!” That they are, Ralph, that they are. So we asked you to take a look back at your childhood and the fun times you had with your fun toys and tell us which of those toys was your favorite. Hart and Dagger are first, then our readers’ responses, then after that you can all enjoy the day off and play with your toys. Continue Reading »

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A Word From Our Sponsors

Television ad, get it? 

One of the worst things about television are those pesky 3 minute breaks during shows. In these 3 minute breaks, we are bombarded with advertisements for all sorts of products, many of which we do not need. For the most part these advertisements are forgettable or obnoxiously unforgettable. There are however a few that are awesome, like this one. But since everyone’s taste is different, we wanted to know what your favorite commercial is. So here are a few words from our sponsors before we return you to your regularly scheduled CJS programming. Continue Reading »

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