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Where’s E Dagger?

Because I seem to have gone missing, at least from around these parts.

We’re not coming back, so let’s just dispel that right away.

But you can find me, E Dagger, writing at my new project, The site features short essays, generally in the range of 300-600 words, and is updated 2-3 times per week. If you were a fan of the stuff I wrote here, chances are excellent you’ll like the stuff at Eks Axis, and you won’t have to slog through day after day of 3,000 word posts from me that both took forever to read and annoyed Lady E because – surprise, surprise! – they also took forever to write.

These will be more digestible, and will generally be funny (if you find me funny in the first place, that is, but that’s a whole other conversation). As of this posting, I’ve written articles about the general uselessness of political hyperbole, the inexorable march toward death that is Bejeweled, the irritation of beer and music snobs, the failure of the 2012 Rockies and recreational gambling, and the depressing sexless marriage of the couple in the latest DirecTV ad.

I’m also on Twitter, so check me out @EksAxis.

Thanks for your patronage of Cru Jones Society. It was a pleasure to serve you. I hope to see you again.

E Dagger (Jon Eks)


Worn Out Welcome…

“So… so, all thanks again. And I’ll see you soon. The effort was appreciated. And I’m glad that I could make it. You’ll never know what just what it means to me. Keep your favors, I’m not in doubt, because you’re welcome.” The Spitvalves, “Worn Out Welcome.”

This is Dagger. And the above are the last lines from the song I used to play at the end of every semester during my college radio days. I always promised I’d be back, and I was. Until I wasn’t. You can’t stay in college forever, nor should you. Eventually it comes to time to pack it in and move on. You’ve worn out your welcome.

And that’s my way of telling you the Cru Jones Society is finished. For good this time. Continue Reading »

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How Not To Partner in Social Media

Subject: RE: Guest Post for Cru Jones Society?
From: <>
Date: Thu, November 11, 2010 5:29 pm

[Name redacted], 

I am not happy with the way this cross-promotional effort has gone. We have been promoting your stuff for a week on our mainpage, our Facebook page, and on our Twitter account. We dressed up your guest post with pictures and the appropriate title.
What have we gotten in return? Our post mistitled, buried on the third page of your blog with no promotion the day after it was supposed to run. I have received no explanation for this and can only assume you don’t care.
Unless I hear from you by the end of the evening with an adequate explanation for why we have been treated this way, in what should have been a friendly cross-promotional effort, with a plan for recourse, I am publicly going after My Dog Ate My Blog tomorrow and I am going to shame your site.  I will be available by email until 8:30 Mountain Time this evening.
E Dagger
Cru Jones Society

That email was not returned, so welcome to a public shaming. Here is:

How NOT To Partner in Social Media (Or… “How My Dog Ate My Blog Fucked CJS”) Continue Reading »

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Random Musings on a Two Year Anniversary

For the past two years, the Cru Jones Society has been a major part of my life. Spending the week looking back at these two years I realize I have a few random thoughts that by themselves do not warrant a whole post. Well, you understand how these random musing posts work, so here’s one centered more about our fun site that I call my internet home, though not the one marked as my homepage on the browser bar. Continue Reading »

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CJS Hot Seat: Anniversary Edition


Welcome to the CJS Hot Seat. Since we went ahead and appropriated one old Sportscenter segment for our use, might as well borrow another one. Inside, Hart and Dagger have agreed to a Q&A session where nothing is out-of-bounds, you must answer the question in front of you, and questions will go on as long as they have to. It’s sort of like the early version of UFC, but between two candy asses, and if sparring sessions were conducted over miles of fiberoptic cables. Continue Reading »


How to Start Your Own Comedy Website (or the CJS Origin Story)

When the calendar turns and you reach another year, it’s only natural to look back at the beginning. And since the majority of this week’s content was originally dependent upon my VHS copy of RAD that I still can’t goddamn find, and since we don’t have any awesome interviews with our site’s namesake teed up this year, here’s how CJS got started just about three years ago complete with a step-by-step guide for starting your own comedy website that will earn you ones of dollars per year in glorious, perpetual prosperity, life padding revenue! Continue Reading »

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The Ghost Of CJS Past Posts

It’s the start of our Anniversary Week! And like all good anniversary parties we’re looking back at the good times and our favorite memories. We’ve started this week by asking you: What is your favorite CJS article or articles we have posted? We have a fun walk down memory lane and as usual we’re at the head of the pack and some of our readers fill out the tour group. So hit 88 MPH, and let’s go through the past archives. Continue Reading »

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The Top Five Reasons You Should Come to the Denver Tweetup This Thursday

The Rackhouse, baby! 

1) It benefits charity.

The only required admission is one unwrapped toy to benefit the Denver Santa Claus Shop to help make the holiday dreams of underprivileged families come true. We may be critical of Christmas around here, but a lot of good comes out of this season, and this is just another way to spread good cheer and help those that need it. Besides…

2) You get feel good while getting to feel good.

The Rackhouse Pub has 20 beers on tap (predominantly featuring Colorado microbrews), a buttload of domestics available by the bottle, and proudly serves Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey, from whom it rents its space. And the best part? All this stuff is available at happy hour prices all night. So even if you’re a miserable, heartless alcoholic, come to the Tweetup for kickin’ drink specials and do something good by accident. Ya’ bastard.

3) You keep your noodle active with trivia from the vaunted Redhead.

Let’s count down the top 3 things we love about The Redhead (so far): 3) Promised a gratuitous boob shot for reaching 1,000 followers on Twitter, and delivered magnificently; 2) Advocates for copious amounts of oral sex to ensure world peace; 1) Chick got a brain! She always keeps us on our toes and catches us off guard with her candor, wit, and high-level intellect. How is that not the recipe for a fabulous round of trivia?

4) You get to meet the Cru Jones Society.

We’re emerging from our writing cave to mingle amongst the masses for the first time, and we’d love for you to come down to hang out with us. We love booze, we love trivia, and we’re one of the co-sponsors of this event, so you’re meeting us at our least surly. Come say hello! And make sure to register for trivia for the opportunity to win some boss CJS gear.

5) The gauntlet has been thrown down.

By us. Right now. Our trivia team of Dagger, Hart, and CJS Regulars Keithage, Corriander, twodogszk, and Deuce can’t lose. If we don’t walk out of here champions, we’ll be very surprised. Think you’re better? Come down and prove it. And in the words of Crash Davis – Don’t bring us that weak ass junk, meat. Cuz we’re ready.

And we can’t wait to see you there. If you’re in the Denver area, come to the Tweetup (register here – you can only get in with a ticket) and benefit charity, throw a few back with your friends, meet the CJS, and test your mettle against us.

Can’t wait to see you all there!

Dagger & Hart


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Cru Jones Society 1-Year Anniversary: Q&A with Bill Allen, Star of RAD

Cru Jones (aka Bill Allen) livin’ large 

When we conceived this site, I tossed out the name “Cru Jones Society” and got approval from both Limon and Hart relatively quickly. It sort of encapsulated what we wanted to be about, our sensibilities in terms of pop culture, and was more than likely available from While building the site, I toyed with the idea of emailing the guy who played Cru Jones just to give him a heads up about what we were doing. As we got busy with articles and building the site into what it is today, that fell by the wayside and days turned into weeks which turned into months, which turned into nearly a year. Well it’s time to rectify that. Continue Reading »


One Year: Thanks Everyone!

Cru Jones Society Logo 

Welcome to the one-year anniversary of the Cru Jones Society. We officially launched the site on March 30, 2008. Lee S. Hart, Senor Limon and myself began this site with one goal in mind: To make ourselves laugh. Before we started this site, we spent (and still spend) an ordinate amount of time trying to amuse each other and distract ourselves from the arduous day-to-day grind of the workaday world. And we’ve always been this way. Continue Reading »

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More Reflections from Tucson

That’s a nice sun set

The beers were tasty, the sun was pleasant, and the company was stupendous. But with the good also comes the bad. So here are a few of my Cheers and Jeers from Tucson. I equaled them out, but don’t let that fool you there were way more cheers, mostly while sitting around drinking (see what I did there?). Continue Reading »

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Reflections from Tucson

 Land of suspenders, spring training, smiles, and light beers

We just returned from our annual CJS Rendezvous in Tucson. We covered some CJS business, drank a shitload of Coors Light, smoked about a hundred cigarettes, and marveled at how spring training baseball games eerily resemble a retirement community field trip. Here are a few random thoughts from our travels in no particular order. Continue Reading »

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25 Things You May Not Know About E Dagger

Reasonable rendering of E Dagger

The Cru Jones Society wraps up this week’s “25 Things” feature we totally stole from Facebook with the things you may not know about E Dagger. Time to delve into more weirdness courtesy of the CJS! Continue Reading »

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25 Things You May Not Know About Senor Limon

Yeah, kinda like that.

Today we’ll be exploring some little known, and some possibly made up facts about Sr. Limon. Up tomorrow, 25 things you may not know about E Dagger. So, without further ado, or adieu. Here’s the list. Continue Reading »

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25 Things You May Not Know About Lee S. Hart

 Learning is fun!


It has been almost a year and you know about things we love, like Troy Tulowitzki and cereal. You know about things we hate, monkeys and faux hawks. You have also learned of some of the odd DVDs in our collections and that Limon does in fact drive a Mini. But there are a few things you may not know about us. So in an attempt to keep up with (check our Cru Jones Society group there) and other such sites, we will spend the next three post informing you of 25 Things You May Know About the CJS Staff. First off we give you 25 Things You May Not Know About Lee S. Hart*. Continue Reading »


Technical Difficulties

Technical Difficulties

Good morning, everyone. We seem to be experiencing some technical difficulties with Happy Friday this week as Internet Explorer is acting like an asshole and screwing up Senor Limon’s post. The article appears fine if you’re surfing in Firefox, but appears empty if viewed in IE. We’re working on fixing it right now, but if you have the ability, try switching to Firefox (or possibly Safari, we haven’t checked if it works there) to read Limon’s batch of Friday goodness. You should really be on Firefox anyway considering this, but your computer safety is up to you. Update to come later.

Edit From Limon: The issue should be fixed.  I’d tell you all about how I did it, but I have no idea.


One Month: Thanks everyone!

Cru Jones - The Legend

As Senor Limon puts the final touches on a fresh batch of Friday goodness for you, I just wanted to drop in with a quick word about the Cru Jones Society.

Earlier this week, we celebrated being online for one month. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our early development. We sincerely appreciate everyone who has left a comment and joined us in discussion. We’re always happy to go back and forth with you, and the discussion has been fun. For those of you thinking of participating, please don’t hesitate. New members are always welcome, and we’re thrilled to add new voices to the peanut gallery.

To anyone else that has stopped by, checks the site everyday, or is here for the first time: Thank you for visiting us. We’re here to entertain you, and we hope to continue to do so in the coming months and years. Tell your friends about us, tell other blogs, and as my United Methodist Church Hymnal says, “Go tell it on the mountain!” If you have a blog, and would like us to plug you, we’re happy to. Please plug us in return.

Thank you again for taking time out of your day to visit the Cru Jones Society. Limon, Hart, and I love to entertain you and give you a way to waste your company’s money. If there’s something you’d like us to write about, please drop us an email. We’d love to hear your ideas. Some things we have on tap for May already are: The Kentucky Derby, Mother’s Day, dating advice, comic book movies, the Short Circuit remake and more. If there’s something we’re missing, if you have an article idea, or have a question for any of us, please drop us a line:

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!