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Cru Jones Society 1-Year Anniversary: Q&A with Bill Allen, Star of RAD

Cru Jones (aka Bill Allen) livin’ large 

When we conceived this site, I tossed out the name “Cru Jones Society” and got approval from both Limon and Hart relatively quickly. It sort of encapsulated what we wanted to be about, our sensibilities in terms of pop culture, and was more than likely available from While building the site, I toyed with the idea of emailing the guy who played Cru Jones just to give him a heads up about what we were doing. As we got busy with articles and building the site into what it is today, that fell by the wayside and days turned into weeks which turned into months, which turned into nearly a year. Well it’s time to rectify that. Continue Reading »


Welcome to the Cru Jones Society!

Who is Cru Jones? And why is this website called the Cru Jones Society?


Very simply, Cru Jones is the hero of one of my favorite movies of all time – the incomparable “Rad.”


Photo courtesy of Bill Allen

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