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Things I’m Tired Of Hearing From Co-Workers

I have noticed many people seem to have a problem with silence, and they seek to ensure the silence doesn’t exist. This usually entails talking, but unfortunately most people aren’t very apt at the whole talking thing. Sure they are capable of putting words together and forming complete thoughts, but it usually doesn’t entail more than that. Some people seem to be so threatened by the silence they have pocketed select phrases to keep the silence from showing up. I for one am tired of hearing these stupid little phrases, and that fact that people can’t just let the silence linger. Let’s please clean up the work place and eliminate the desire to talk about or say these stupid ass things. Continue Reading »

Field Trip, Work

Tucson Reflections

The annual CJS rendezvous was one society member shy as Hart had obligations that prohibited him from making the usually splendid trip. And while Dagger, Lady E, and Senor Limon were living it up without a care in the world, Hart was stuck in his craptacular routine. We decided to use today to share memories from the trip. Hart has supplied us with a comparison about his weekend to allow us to fully appreciate a good vacation. Continue Reading »


The Many Professions of E Dagger Pt. II

“What are you: Last night’s erection?” 

So when we last E Dagger, he was learning the difference between Ninjas, Juggalos, and WEEEECKID clowns working for a property management company. The journey up to this point has been interesting, and it only gets weirder from here. So take a break from your day-to-day grind and read about those from years past. We conclude the many professions of E Dagger after the jump. Continue Reading »


The Many Professions of E Dagger Pt. 1

Not E Dagger (Thanks for the help, Dag.) 

In a recent Monday Confessional, we asked you to tell us what you wanted to be when you grew up. We all had dreams of fame, glory, or wealth, and I suspect very few of us are currently doing what we aspired to do when we were young.

On the flip side of that, even fewer of us are still doing what we actually did when we were younger. And I think I speak for most of us when I say, thank God! We’ve all had some wacky jobs, but I’d wager the many professions of E Dagger register impressive readings on the Weird Shit-O-Meter. And that’s why we’re here today. Continue Reading »

Confessional, Work

Monday Confessional: When I Grow Up

 I want to be a brooker!

Welcome to another Monday Confessional. Most of you are probably reading this from work. And based on this week’s question, “What did you want to be when you grow up?” you’re probably not at the job the younger you would have wanted you to be at. But as you will see, hopes and dreams change, some times a lot. Continue Reading »


My Life In Retail, Part 6: Black Friday

Finally all those episode of Supermarket Sweep are paying off! 


It’s November. That means Christmas decorations have been up in most major retail stores for a couple months now. And it used to be about this time when I would begin to dread the inevitable day that I would face near the end of the month: the day after Thanksgiving, the busiest shopping day of the year, Black Friday. Now that I don’t work as a retail whore any more I thought I would take a day and look back at the hell that is Black Friday. Continue Reading »

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Office Golf

I’m coming after you, Jack Nicholson, er um, I mean Jack Nicklaus! 

Although I am taking a brief detour from our Olympic coverage, I will still be talking about sports, sort of. There’s a very good chance that this particular sport may never be an Olympic event, though I would much rather watch it than any equestrian event. On a side note, are the horse riders put through the same drug testing policies as the other athletes? What about the horses? What kind of enhancing drugs would the riders take? Are there horse socks? Well before my mind wondered I was getting to the wonderful sport known as putt-putt, or miniature golf. Why, during a time of incredible athletes breaking world records, would I bring up putt-putt? Well after the jump you’ll find out. Continue Reading »

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Work Jukebox

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days 

Most of my afternoon is spent with very little interaction with other people. Since my afternoon tasks involving nothing more than basic motor skills, my mind has time to wander, and a-wandering it goes. For some reason my mind always seeks out my internal jukebox and puts one or two songs on repeat. It picks some of the most random songs too – never anything I’ve recently listened to either, just pieces of songs that exist in my brain in that void between hockey stats and movie quotes. What follows is a list of the top songs that get stuck in my head at work. Continue Reading »


The Business Lists: Vol. 2

 My, you have nice hands.

Welcome back to the Business Lists. We’ve got more of the good stuff inside covering everything from the shittiest places to eat lunch, to out of office replies, to songs not to listen to while wearing a suit lest you bum yourself out. You’re only a click away. Let’s make fun of white collar jobs together! Continue Reading »


The Business Lists: Vol. 1

 Welcome to the Business Lists

A quick word about the site before we jump into today’s nonsense. You may have noticed Lee S. Hart’s posts have been less frequent over the last few weeks. Since terminating his abusive relationship with the world of retail, he’s busied himself with finding his way through another complicated web of crap known as the corporate world. He’ll be taking some time off from CJS over the next couple of weeks.

Senor Limon and I will pick up the slack and do our best to maintain our daily updates and hopefully continue to make you laugh at our nonsense. Sr. Limon has been busy with his own work-related insanity, and considering his real life job is much more intense than most of ours and requires dedication more rigorous than our ability to show up and phone it in if we want to, he hasn’t posted as much as he’d like either. He tells me things are slowing a bit and he’ll be back for three brand new posts next week, and probably two this week (barring any unforeseen calamity).

And since we’re talking about work, and since everyone loves lists (I guess. Just go with me on that), I’m proud to present the first ever collection of Cru Jones Society Business Lists! Hopefully, this becomes a recurring feature here at CJS, and we’re here to kick it off with our first 8 lists. Feel free to leave a comment if you believe I’ve missed something or disagree. I look forward to hearing your responses! Continue Reading »


My Life In Retail, Part 5: I Quit!

(This is the fifth and final part in an on going series dedicated to the many years, going on 8 now, that I have spent as a retail whore.)

I fell a little like this

At press time I have three more shifts left working retail. Ever! That’s right, as of 11pm Friday I will no longer be working in the wonderful world of retail. I have a grown up job and my life in retail is over. This is my first new job in 8 years. I’m a little frightened but mostly excited. Continue Reading »


An Open Letter to the Men of the 18th Floor

Not my actual building, but close enough…

Dear men of the 18th floor,

Why are you the way you are? I hate so much about all the things that you choose to be. I have witnessed two of you in the act, but I suspect there are more of you than I think. Why is this so difficult? Why can’t you take 10 seconds to save the rest of us a moment of annoyance and mild disgust? To reiterate: Why are you the way you are? Continue Reading »


My Life in Retail, Part 4: Various Annoyances

  (This is the fourth part in an on going series dedicated to the many years, going on 8 now, that I have spent as a retail whore.)

Take that, paper!

As the last three parts have showed, the most obnoxious aspects of retail are the people involved. But there are other annoyances that I deal with on a daily basis. These are the retail equivalents of cover sheets on T.P.S. reports. They’re nothing too serious, but they peck at you day in and day out, much like a mother in law, or so sitcoms and hack comedians would have me believe. Ok, let’s put the spaghetti in the machine and get into this. Continue Reading »


My Life In Retail, Part 3: Bosses

(This is the third part in an on going series dedicated to the many years, going on 8 now, that I have spent as a retail whore.)

Yeah. Hi. I’m gonna have to ask you to go ahead and keep reading.

From the brokers on Wall Street, to the fry cook at McDowell’s, almost everyone has a boss. I’m no exception. In the world of retail the chain of order is like this: Corporate – Area Managers – Store Managers – Supervisors – Hourly Peons. Part 3 of My Life in Retail will go into more detail on how truly fortunate I am to be part of this chain. Continue Reading »


My Life In Retail, Part 2: CO-Workers

(This is the second part in an on going series dedicated to the many years, going on 8 now, that I have spent as a retail whore.)

That’s fucking teamwork

Since I work in a large store, and I have yet to master the art of being in two places simultaneously, I am forced to work with other people. Given that these people inhabit my life for forty hours a week, I thought that the second part of my retail life (that sounds like a shitty reality show) be dedicated to them. Continue Reading »


My Life in Retail, Part 1: Customers

(This is the first part in an on going series dedicated to the many years, going on 8 now, that I have spent as a retail whore.) 

 It’s red. How ironic.

It’s been said that the customer is the most important part of retail, the bread and butter of the industry. Everything is done in an attempt to lure new customers, and then hook them into returning. That’s why the phrase “the customer is always right” exists. So it’s only fitting that I launch this series with the customers. Continue Reading »